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20 Ways to Practice Self-Love (And Why It's So Important!)

Posted on February 07 2018

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... And whether you love or hate the holiday, we can all agree that self-love is the most important love!

Self-care is the actions and practices in which we engage with to enhance and protect our health and well-being. This can mean finding little actions or activities which you can carry out on a regular basis to reduce stress and help you relax and unwind from the daily pressures of life. 

Everyone's self-love is different but this guide is to just give you a push in the right direction and get you thinking about what makes you feel good. For some people, self-love is having a twelve-hour sleep, for others, it's going for a run or cleaning the entire house. (We wish we were the latter!).

In order to start introducing more self-love and self-care into your daily life, start by writing a list of things which help refresh your mind and body. If you can't think of anything, here are some of our suggestions!

1. Remove toxic relationships from your life

2. Take care of your body

3. Start writing a gratitude journal

4. Diffuse essential oils/light a candle 

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5. Go for a long walk without your phone

6. Stop comparing yourself to others

7. Empower others through your purchases (self-love helps you help others!)

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8. Declutter your space

9. Make it a priority to get 10 hours sleep

10. Dress your body lovingly in a gorgeous outfit/lingerie

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11. Read a good book

12. Buy yourself some new underwear

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13. Buy yourself roses on Valentine’s day

14. Try something new: dance classes, cooking lessons, yoga

15. Stargaze

16. Pamper your body with beautifully scented soaps and lotions

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17. Take time to yourself, away from others

18. Buy something you've always wanted

19. Do something good for others

20. Declutter your wardrobe and start a capsule wardrobe

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