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4 looks for your - sustainable holiday wardrobe.

Posted on June 14 2018

Summer is here! Every year it seems to sneak up on us, and every year it is all too welcome. We wanted to run your through some summer looks that we absolutely love in the material that has been used for centuries this time of year- linen.

Linen is the go to material for summer as the strong but airy fibre lets you breathe in your clothes, whilst inviting you to be active and physical. It is as  perfect for lounging at the beach as well as going on long bike rides. 

Here are some linen looks we love.  

A pair of sandals and you are ready to go with this cold shoulder dress 


Choose a summer occasion dress that you will love year after year like this sheath dress. It is cut with precision, shown most clearly with the wide collar neckline. 




Wear white  and explore your natural environment like Sasha, linen is a natural fibre and incredibly easy to clean so you won't have to worry about stains. 


Or wear colour like this gorgeous hooded top, that works as a tunic or jumper, depending on the season or your mood. 


And Why Linen?

Linen is a wonderful fabric, made from the Flax plant is is a fibre that has been used since 8000BC. It is a strong, sturdy fabric and lends it self well to structural cuts and designs. Like most natural fibres it is a good insulator, making it cool in the summer and warm in the winter (although in the winter we do suggest layering). As a natural fibre, it is completely biodegradable, however you should get many wears over many years before having to think about giving it away. 

It is a fibre that can be grown successfully in mainland Europe - even in London as some exciting activists have shown- making it a great fibre for low milage fashion.

We love Linen and we hope you will too, and to care for your linen as long as possible.

Try to

- wash delicately

- air dry

-iron infrequently (but try to iron once every few months to stop creases causing faults)


If you follow the above steps your linens will last a life time. Maybe even 8000 years! 






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