Next week is going to be a super exciting week at Sancho's. Not only are we celebrating the women's store turning 1, (can you believe it?) but we get to begin these celebrations by hosting a talk with Safia Minney MBE. 

Safia is an entrepreneur, activist, author and all around amazing human. We  are thrilled we get to meet her next week, and here are 5 reasons why we think you should get excited too!

1. Safia Minney Founded People Tree

People Tree is a brand so many of you know and love because of its Fair Trade ethos that means all garments are made with organic cotton and sustainable materials, using traditional skills that support rural communities. They were the first brand to be certified completely by the World Fair Trading Organisation and we think that is just pretty cool!

2. She is a Serial Social Entrepreneur

Alongside People Tree, Safia is also Managing Director of award winning sustainable and vegan footwear brand, Po-Zu. They use materials such a Pinapple Leather and natural rubber to make fantastic shoes. We are going to start stocking these at Sancho's. Please pop over to their website and let us know which ones you'd like to see in store. 

3. She was awarded an MBE!

Safia was awarded an MBE by the Queen in 2009 for her services to British Fashion. Her incredible work in developing the first organic and Fair Trade clothing supply chain has also been noted by the World Economic Forum, where she is recognised as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur.

4. She Wrote Slave to Fashion

More than a book, Slave to Fashion is a campaign with the goal of raising awareness of modern slavery in the fashion industry. This fascinating book shows how slavery can be eradicated by business and us as consumers. You can pick a copy in store. If you already have a copy make sure to come along to Safia's talk so that you can find out more about how she wrote the book. 

5. She Lived in Japan

Safia moved to Toyko in 1990 and it was in her time living in Japan that she identified an opportunity to expand environmental awareness and Fair Trade. This proved to be the fundamental base for what has become the business we now know and love - People Tree. 

Join us on Friday 9th November to find out more about her fascinating life and how she runs two large enterprises that are helping consumers be able to make more ethical choices. Get tickets to join us on Friday 9th November here

6. And one more for good measure. She was interview by Stacey Dooley for the documentary 'Fashion's Dirty Secrets!' If you haven't seen it yet, watch it soon! 


We are also offering 15% off the People Tree collection in the week leading up to Safia's visit to Sancho's. Shop beautifully sustainable clothes here and use peopletree15 upon checkout.