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We are so excited to introduce our newest black owned brand to you! Legra is a plant based, all natural collection of body care products. Currently, we are stocking a range of their deodorants which are suitable for even extra sensitive skin. We are telling you everything that you need to know about the brand, their recyclable packaging and cruelty free products so that you can make a sustainable change to your self care routine.

Who are Legra?

Legra is a family owned UK business who only use plant or mineral derived ingredients in their recipes. They are named after the seaside town Leigh on Sea where their products are made. The name ‘legra’ was the first recorded name of the town, which was recorded in the doomsday book in 1086.

The company started out of the need to bring clean and non-toxic alternatives to their family with the products that they used everyday. This means that Legra is built on the concept of creating a more sustainable lifestyle without making less effective products. They use a powerful yet gentle formula which keeps the whole family smelling great all day! Importantly, family and the environment are the most important things to the brand meaning that Legra products are only ever tested on family and friends, and not animals.

How ethical is Legra?

The brand is extremely ethical as the products don’t use any synthetic ingredients and are all completely natural. This means that every ingredient is there for a reason, making the deodorant eco-friendly and vegan!

Legra’s packaging for their push up deodorant tubes is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is made from paper and cardboard with a natural greaseproof inner. They use vegetable based inks and a water based lacquer to seal the print on the front of the tube. Plus, the company is fully based in the UK. This makes Legra one of our most environmentally friendly brands. The sustainable products will help you to have a zero waste lifestyle.

Is Legra deodorant kind on my skin?

One of the things that makes Legra so special is that their deodorants are made from butters, clays and natural minerals. The plant and mineral powdered formula provides all day protection from odour and sweat, keeping you smelling fresh and amazing. It is perfect for sensitive skin because they don’t use use baking soda or bicarbonate of soda which, for some people, can often cause irritation under the arms. Plus, the ethical products are always free of aluminium, propylene glycol, SLS, PEG, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance and colourants. This means that their gentle formula is perfect for everyone as it doesn’t contain the usual irritants found in deodorants.

If you have extra sensitive skin then we recommend Legra Natural Deodorant Fragrance Free because it contains no essential oils so is even more kind to your skin. However, the other deodorants that we stock contain a low percentage of essential oils, only to create a subtle fragrance. These products are perfect if you want to make small changes to live an eco-friendly life without compromising your hygiene.

How do I use Legra deodorant?

It is recommended that you keep your Legra cruelty free deodorant at room temperature, in a dry place and out of direct sunlight. However, if your deodorant goes soft from getting too hot then just put it in the fridge for an hour.

Legra says that a small amount of their product goes a long way. They recommend a few swipes back and forth under each arm. This means that it will glide on smoothly and is easily absorbed, leaving you with long lasting protection and smelling fresh.

Which Legra deodorant should I choose?

We stock one fragrance free deodorant for extra-sensitive skin and three natural deodorants containing various essential oils to create different scents.

The Natural Deodorant Stick with Petitgrain, Grapefruit & Pine has a citrusy fragrance created from the blend of natural ingredients and essential oils.

The Natural Deodorant Stick with Lavender, Geranium & Patchouli has a calm soothing fragrance which neutralises odour to keep you fresh.

The Natural Deodorant Stick with Bamboo Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree & Lemon is fresh and cleansing. The activated charcoal in this deodorant draws out toxins and fights odour causing bacteria. Make sure that you leave the deodorant to dry for 5 minutes before putting your clothes on to prevent stains.

Legra’s powerful plant based, natural formula is a great sustainable and ethical solution to your body care needs, just in time for summer! This deodorant helps you and the planet. Shop the full range of Legra deodorants here.


Written by Hannah Judge

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