Today we are here to tell you all about the wonderful folk who make the jewellery we stock here at Sancho's. This post will detail their brand stories, what they stand for, and show you just how committed we are to only working with companies who are as ethically and sustainably minded as Sancho's.


Kiki Tropical

By name by nature, Kiki Tropical is all about creating tropical inspired goods to bring fun into your everyday life! From pom poms to tassels, their earrings are as playful as can be, and because they are very light, you can wear them all the time too. Kiki Tropical was founded in 2017 by Kylee Larissa (nicknamed Kiki) who handmakes her jewellery right here in Devon. Kylee is Canadian but she moved to Devon nine years ago to be with her partner. Kiki Tropical is still a one-woman show; Kylee makes everything at home and by hand!


Like Sancho's, she prides herself on sustainability, trying her hardest to source yarn and string from charity shops as she believes you can come across some really special stuff. But she also purchases a lot from Etsy to support small businesses as well. Kylee only uses organic cotton string and she also reuses and recycles everything when it comes to posting and shipping. Sancho's love stocking Kiki Tropical because we are all about supporting local, independent, ethical businesses like ourselves. We especially can't get enough of her new Macrame earrings!


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Clare Elizabeth Kilgour

Also based here in Devon, Clare is a freelance jewellery designer and florist, who designs her jewellery using recycled silver, brass, wood and botanical finds. Crafting from her workshop based at Unit Fifteen, a mix media creative hub in Devon, she lovingly handmakes her jewellery and also teaches a range of contemporary jewellery short courses and taster sessions.


Clare only uses recycled silver which is a green alternative to sterling silver. It is made using 100% recycled and scrap silver products, for example, from medical equipment, electronics and unwanted jewellery items. Recycled silver has the same quality as sterling silver, but it is more environmentally friendly. Win, win! Clare's focus on only using eco materials to make her jewellery and the fact she's a local, independent designer, make her products an amazing addition to Sancho's.


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A Beautiful Story

From makers in Devon, we venture over to Germany where A Beautiful Story jewellery was founded by Cathelijne Lania. Cathelijne stepped out of her big corporate job over ten years ago to focus her time and effort on founding her own ethical jewellery company. Fast forward ten years and A Beautiful Story is now in 600 stores all over Europe and Australia. 


A Beautiful Story's aim is to help make this world a little better. Their hearts are with the people in developing countries who are tremendously talented and skilled, but for whom the right markets aren’t always available. The company strives to create opportunities for producers in difficult economic situations, whilst also trying to minimise their environmental impact. For example, A Beautiful Story is committed to responsible printing and only use materials which are either biodegradable or recycled. Because of their commitment to Fair Trade, sustainable production, we are delighted to now be stocking A Beautiful Story jewellery at Sancho's.


Just Trade 

And finally, we arrive at Just Trade, the amazing company who we worked alongside to make Sancho's own jewellery line. Just Trade is an ethical jewellery and accessories brand who work with Fair Trade projects around the world in Peru, Ecuador, India and Vietnam. The company was founded in 2006 by jewellery designer Laura Cave, born out of first-hand contact with real people in the developing world and the recognition that in order for small Fair Trade projects to be sustainable, they need a long-term route to market for their goods.


Sancho's jewellery specifically was handmade in Peru by Hope Jewellery, a project which provides part-time fairly paid work for women. This has made a significant difference to their household incomes, meaning the women have been able to improve their homes, pay for medical treatment and educate their children, as well as spend more time with their families.


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