We recently caught up with some of the beautiful models from The Slow Fashion Show to chat to them about what they thought of the event! They also shared their favourite Sancho's pieces from the catwalk. Here's what they had to say...


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Tell Us About Yourself

I was born in Exeter at the end of the War. My parents were bombed out in 1942 and, like many people, struggled to bring up a family in the 50s on very little money. I was a lumpy teenager with no sense of style so in that sense, I feel these are my best years in so far as how I look. I left Exeter when I was 19 and was surprised to find myself returning to live here in my early 40s. I’m now retired and live in Exeter with my husband and cat.


About Maggie's Style

"Kalkidan persuaded me to wear a black jumpsuit for the evening catwalk. Roberta added a black necklace to set it off. I never wear black close to my face so how did I feel about the way I looked? Actually, I have no idea how I looked as there were no mirrors around at all! We all complimented each other but none of us could see how we looked. I saw the way my hair had been dressed when I got home. But how did I feel in that outfit? I felt great and guessed it looked spectacular under the lights. The material is beautifully soft and the fit comfortable so I can really recommend it. Will I wear more black from now on? Probably not.

The event has probably not driven me to buy clothes out of my normal range but what it has done is prompted me to look again at my wardrobe and pull out pieces to wear every day rather than thinking I need to keep them for a special occasion. So thank you Sanchos for your generosity of spirit and your breadth of ideas. It was a real buzz."


Maggie's Three Favourite Things About The Show

1. The glorious mix backstage of ages (with me being by far the oldest), gender, ethnicity and size, with clothes chosen to represent and celebrate diversity. The message was ‘love how you look’ - the perfect antidote to one size (skinny) models.

2. The commitment and professionalism of everyone involved. I’ve worked in theatre for many years so I looked on it as a performance with Kalkidan and Vidmantas (Sanchos) as Producers and Roberta as Creative Director/Designer. Their drive, energy and care were amazing so I wanted to do my best for them. So I think did everyone else from lighting technicians to photographers to make-up artists and bar staff. it was a wonderful team effort.

3. The sheer buzz of strutting down the catwalk in the Cathedral under the lights in full view of 500 enthusiastic and appreciative people. Exhilarating!


Maggie's Favourite Pieces From The Sancho's Collection

1. Chandre Trousers from People Tree

2. Lucy and Yak Dungarees



Tell Us About Yourself

"I’m Clara George and I’m 22 years old. I’m a model, social media influencer and am the current Miss Devon. I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and moved to Exeter for university to study a degree in Human Geography. After I left university, Exeter seemed like the perfect place to stay for work as it always has a lot going on but is not as busy and hectic as bigger cities (something which I hate).

My Human Geography degree taught me a lot about the inequalities and problems in the world and I ended up writing my dissertation on sustainable and ethical fashion, something I had been interested in since my first geography class at the age of 11. It’s really important to become more aware of where our clothes come from and it has been amazing getting involved in a show which has the same ethos.

Since competing in Miss Great Britain I have been very vocal of the fact that change is required in pageants in order for them to have a place in modern society. They don’t accurately reflect the morals or standards of current society and it is important that they further evolve. It was refreshing being a part of The Slow Fashion Show as it truly represents our society - all ethnicities, shapes, sizes, heights and ages, all the while championing a cause which is really important. If we don’t start paying more attention to how we are affecting the environment and start doing our part to be more sustainable then we won’t have as much left for the future generations."


Clara's Three Favourite Things About The Show

1. The people- I love kind, energetic and passionate people and every single person that I worked with had all these characteristics.

2. The clothes- I fell in love with every single outfit and wished I could have taken them home with me. I particularly loved all the outfits I wore as they were so comfortable and perfect for my tall frame.

3. The general ethos- It was so great to see hundreds and hundreds of people come and support such an important cause and I’m so happy that such a large amount of people want to make a change in the world!


Clara's Favourite Pieces From The Sancho's Collection

1. Elke in Scarlet Red

2. Chiara in Dusky Pink



Tell Us About Yourself

"I'm Fadeela, an Afro-Asian from Malaysia and Ghana. I'm a Sports Science student from Exeter and I constantly seek to challenge myself. This was my first runway and it was AMAZING!"


Fadeela's Three Favourite Things About The Show

1. The age and ethnic diversity

2. The location

3. The music


Fadeela's Favourite Pieces From The Sancho's Collection

1. Lexia Bouquet Jumpsuit in Black

2. V&A Cherry Orchard Dress

3. Cloud Earrings in Mother of Pearl 



Tell Us About Yourself

"I am a British curve model and influencer and I focus heavily on body confidence, eating disorder recovery, and media literacy. I want the modelling industry to become more diverse and I aim to challenge the elitism within the industry so that more people can feel represented. I also want women and girls to feel proud of the bodies they inhabit in spite of living in such a body shaming world."


Essie on the Diversity of the Models

"I think the diversity amongst the female models was overall really well-balanced and I was very impressed. I think the room for improvement is in the sizes of the models as I was one of the bigger models there and I’m only a size 12-14. The male models seemed to have less diversity in shape, size and age than the women, so potentially some older/bigger men in the next show would balance that out. I was really glad to see so many POC on the catwalk but I think there’s always work to be done there in a sense of finding darker skinned models. However, the show was far more diverse than 99% of the shows at LFW and I think this just evidences the fact that if smaller businesses can be diverse, big designers can be too."


Essie's Three Favourite Things About The Show

1. The diversity of the models. It was a real joy to work with such a range of different people.

2. The space. The cathedral is not only beautiful but it’s a huge part of Exeter’s history and culture. It was the perfect place to host the event.

3. The design catwalk. I love to see creatives being valued for the work they do and I loved that they were given opportunities to shine.


Essie's Favourite Pieces From The Sancho's Collection

1. Mindy Pinafore Dress in Navy

2. Imogen Earrings in Light Blue

3. Southbridge Parka in Mustard



Tell Us About Yourself

"I'm in my third year at the University of Exeter studying Anthropology. Alongside that, I sing - recording and performing live quite regularly."


Bala's Three Favourite Things About The Show

1. How interactive it was with the audience.

2. The general aim to showcase sustainable, independently sourced fashion.

3. The venue. All these things gave the evening a really great atmosphere, especially with the amazing turnout.


Bala's Favourite Pieces From The Sancho's Collection

1. Lucy and Yak Dungarees

2. Cropped All-Niter in Silk Blue

3. Ethletic Low Trainers



Tell Us About Yourself

"Being wild; from the clothes I wear to the adventures I take. I'm the creator of a curiously conscious space, sharing like-minded fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. I'm also a Freelance Content Creator/Social Media Manager, I've presented for the Environment Agency and have just a little obsession for rock climbing."


Sasha's Three Favourite Things About The Show

1. The incredible Cathedral - what an amazing setting, it was pretty special.

2. Meeting like-minded creatives! There were genuinely so many lovely people around from the designers and other models to all of the volunteers.

3. The diversity of us models, it showed a true representation of real people!


Sasha's Favourite Pieces From The Sancho's Collection

1. Lucy and Yak Dungarees

2. Elke in Scarlet Red