Happy New Year!! Those words are normally said with great gusto at midnight, all over the world, little thought to the onslaught we're about to be bombarded with. Cue all the New Year, New You! campaigns that it is so hard to escape from these days. 

We've been led to believe that writing one or two different digits at the end of date stamps automatically fills us with new levels of energy to achieve the resolutions we set ourselves come January. Because this year will be different...right? Surely by now we all know resolutions are made to be broken. And also, why should a new year mean a new you? Surely the old one survived pretty well. At Sancho's, we're fans of the way social media is allowing us to see real people saying real things, especially fighting back hard against the diet culture that seems to engulf us at this time of year. People like Laura Thomas are encouraging us to 'Just Eat It' and we love her for it! 


Rather than resolutions, we like the idea of setting a lifeline. In essence, this is a mantra for you to cling to throughout the year that will be there to guide you. Things like, 'just eat it' and 'get it done' are examples of lifeline's that can float above you as you navigate the in's, out's and challenges that 365 days in a year can chuck your way. A lot better than a resolution that normally fails within 30 days we think :) Here are a few ideas and items that we hope will help you kick 2019's butt!


Get It Done


One thing we do love to get fresh at the start of each year is a bit of new stationary. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish. This beautiful stationary, made proudly in the UK by Nikki Strange, is available online and in-store and can help you plan your weeks, and ensure wellness goals get prioritised. Made with people and the planet firmly in mind, this is stationary that will contribute to the wellness of the environment as well as your own.


Move More


So the beauty with this one is that it can be anything you want it to be. From yoga, gym sessions, walking, running, dancing your heart out, climbing, etc. You name it, there is something out there that will inspire you to peel your eyes away from binge watching the latest series of whatever and getting that beautiful body of yours moving. That being said, much of the activewear that you can find at Sancho's also doubles up remarkably well as loungewear...


Me First


There's nothing that can't be achieved if you focus on building your inner strength and resilience. Whether that's taking on something like meditation, or insisting on a digital detox one day a week, there's lots you can do to re-focus your mind and spirit to make sure you're putting you first. Personally, we love to wear the lioness necklace as an outward reminder of our inner fierceness. 


Protect the Planet


This planet is bonkers beautiful guys and any action taken to protect it is a good lifeline to have for sure. After all, there is no planet B. We go into sale in January to make more sustainable lifestyle choices accessible to as many people as possible. If this is something you're hoping to do more of, then shop the January sale to create a wardrobe that is much kinder to the planet. Then head to the blog section for more ideas on what you can do to make a difference. 


So this year, instead of an unrealistic resolution that falls in line with the 'new year, new you' nonsense, remember that the old you was perfectly awesome, and throw yourself a lifeline instead.

Please share what ideas you have for a lifeline on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - we love hearing from you guys and spreading the inspiration!