Here at Sancho's, we LOVE chocolate. But we also believe in eating the right chocolate. The fairly traded kind that gives back to the hardworking cocoa farmers and their families around the world! Buying Fairtrade chocolate and other goods means you can rest assured that whilst enjoying your yummy chocolate this Easter, you are also giving back to communities who need it most! Reminder: buying fairtrade is not just limited to Easter. It's important to choose Fairtrade all year round where possible when buying bananas, tea, coffee, sugar, cotton, beauty products, flowers and much more. 

Seventy percent of the world’s cocoa is supplied by West African countries, with child labour and slavery widespread in cocoa production from this region. Because the demand for cheap cocoa is so high, cocoa farmers barely make a living and rely on child labour and slavery to stay in business. In return for better prices, farmers comply with strict production standards, including a prohibition on child labour and GMOs, and environmentally-friendly farming practices.

While it’s probably difficult to keep track of the specific brands to avoid, one easy way to ensure you’re not contributing to the problem is to buy chocolate products that are marked with the Fairtrade logo. These can be found in plenty of major brands like Cadbury, Divine Chocolate, Green and Black's Organic, Rawr Foods LTD, The Meaningful Chocolate Company, The Raw Chocolate Co, Traidcraft, Zotter ChocolateM&S, Sainsbury's, The Co-Operative and Waitrose.

Reasons To Buy Fairtrade This Easter

1) The cocoa bean farmers who grow the cocoa beans can support themselves and their families 

With a lot of the chocolate we buy, only a tiny percentage of what we pay actually gets back to the farmers who grow the cocoa beans. The Fairtrade Minimum Price supports farmers growing cocoa and other products, helping them to become more income-secure and less vulnerable to poverty. With a fairer wage, these farmers can feed their families, drink safe water, access healthcare, send their children to school, and obtain the basic things they need.

2) This money also goes back into local development projects to help their community

Alongside farmers receiving higher wages and then being able to feed that back into their local community, Fairtrade is also gradually empowering communities to organise into cooperatives and improve their negotiating position within the supply chain. This can enable them to negotiate a higher price for their product than the conventional market price.

3) The chocolate involves no child labour at any stage in its manufacturing

In far too many cases, the children of farmers also need to work in order to help the family make ends meet. Not only are they deprived of an education but children are often engaged in high-risk work, such as using dangerous equipment and applying toxic pesticides. Fairtrade standards prohibit the use of forced labour and children are not allowed to work if it jeopardises their education or health.

4) There are so many environmental benefits too

The Fairtrade Standards cover key areas for environmental protection, including energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction, soil and water quality, pest management, biodiversity protection, prohibition of genetically modified organisms and harmful chemicals and waste management.

Alternative Ethical Easter Gifts 

If you're not a big fan of chocolate or just fancy treating a loved one to an alternative Easter gift, why not ditch the sugar, and fill Easter baskets for every age with ethical gifts that are meaningful, heartfelt and good for the planet. Here are some of our favourite ethical goodies we sell at Sancho's perfect for alternative Easter gifting.

P.s. We are currently running an exciting sale in-store! Buy any item for full price and get 50% off a sales item. Maybe pick up an Easter present for a friend and treat yourself to something too at the same time!

Organic Cotton Face Cloth

Add a little bit of luxury to your bedtime routine! These face cloths are made from organic cotton, so are great for our planet and would never be harsh on your skin. They are also easy to care for - just put them in the washing machine and you're good to go! 

Sancho's Amber Glass Candle

Bring some lovely scents into your home this Easter weekend. Our soy wax candles have no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it's less likely to trigger allergies and offer cleaner burning. Soy wax candles are longer lasting: they burn cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle.

Ethletic Low Trainer

Ethletic products are made solely from resources of certified Fairtrade supply chains and these low trainers are no exception. Ethletic has also established its own fairtrade projects in the local communities where our production facilities are based. Made from vegan materials using only sustainable resources, these trainers are the ultimate Fairtrade Easter gift, ready for those summer months!

Navy Shebelle Scarf

Fairtrade just got a whole lot more stylish! Get stylishly warm with this thick 100% cotton scarf! Sabahar is an Ethiopian company that produces uniquely designed, handmade cotton and silk textiles. Sabaha's products are entirely handmade in Ethiopia from natural fibres, and this is why Sancho's loves them!