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Sancho's Organic Outfit of the Week

Posted on November 20 2016

We are very excited to share some interesting additions to the Sancho's collection this week, particularly chosen for you to browse for yourself and as options for great gift options!


The Statement Jewellery

Let's start with some absolutely gorgeous pieces from Quazi Design. Their jewellery is handmade and created from recycled material. Check out the ring made of recycled magazines - it's literally a fashion statement ring! Or the lovely earrings made from recycled paper and dipped in gold.


The Granite Marble Scarf for Sustainability

Next up we have some lovely new scarves finally arriving in our shop. After a photoshoot with Briony last week, you can now browse the new scarves online or visit our shop to find your favourite. Remember, they are handmade in Ethiopia for a fair wage! They are incredible comfy and a great personal gift to yourself or someone you love.

The Winter White Mohair Jumper

Why not match that lovely scarf with our new Mohair Jumper from Bibico (a brand who are working with fair trade certified producers)? It's super soft and looks lovely on, great for keeping you warm this winter.

Bobbie's Recycled Tyres Backpack

Next up is a favourite - the backpack! It's a trend that has been around in 2016 but will grow as we go in to the new year. And we love it; its practical, and looks great. This backpack also does great for the environment - being made from recycled inner tyres! This is genuinely a one-of-a-kind gift.

The Multi Purpose Black Jersey Trousers

We would match the above with our black jersey trousers, from People Tree. With a drawstring waist they are super comfy but look incredibly formal on - a perfect multi-use garment for your wardrobe.

The  Adventurers Travel Bag

Finally, for whatever adventures you are up to this week, take a look at the Stylish Adventurers Travel Bag from Nikki Strange. Perfect to keep your essentials in order, and its compact size fits in a bigger bag but also looks good on its own. You could also use it as your next tablet cover!

We pick every piece in our store with care, to ensure everything is created in fair conditions for makers and with a method that is sustainable for our planet. All to make it easier for you to not only look good, but do good too! 


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