Green Butu Green Butu-Scarf-Sancho's Dress
Green Butu Green Butu-Scarf-Sancho's Dress

Green Butu

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The Green Butu scarf is made on a wooden loom. The women who make them press hand-spun cotton through the bamboo teeth of our looms in Debra M'arkos. The delicacy of the Butu scarf is in the changing textures, flowing from thin, translucent blocks to thick, overstated ones.

What is it?

  • Made from 100% Ethiopian cotton
  • 95% undyed - you can still see the natural cotton hues in the scarf! 
  • Draw yourself closer to the natural world
  • Length: 160cm by 45cm.
  • The body is no thicker than 2mm; however, when layered on top of itself, it creates a comforting warmth, as air traps between the finely interwoven fabrics

 Care: Best hand washed, however you can run an eco-wash at a cold temperature


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