5 Ways Sancho's is an Ethical, Sustainable & Awesome Fashion Store

Weaving for Sancho's Dress


All of the clothing we sell are either hand woven, organic, bamboo, hemp or made from reclaimed and up-cycled fabrics.

  • Hand woven fabrics are produced by man power and not fossil fuels. This makes them both a great source of employment and renewable fashion. 
  • Organic cotton does not use toxic fertilizers and insecticides, so does not pollute drinking waters or cause damage to sensitive skin. It is also a progressive seed model which does not create dependency on multinational seed manufactures for rural farmers. 

 We do not sell  clothing made synthetic fabrics


All of Sancho's own brand collection are dyed using natural dyed such as Indigo and Brazil wood 

  • Indigo is a sustainable plant, with many uses for its bi products, such as compost and cloth fibres. 
  • Natural dyes do not pollute drinking waters like chemical dyes and are completely bio degradable. 


In 2015 Sancho's set up a weaving workshop in Debra Marko's Ethiopia where weavers who produce scarf for sustainability lines are paid 4 times the national minimum wage. Curated brands for the store and web shop are certified by either the World Fair Trade Organisation, The British Association for Fair Trade Shops of by the Fair Ware Foundation. Organisation set up to insure the protection of the maker, fair wage and safe working conditions. 

Slow Fashion 

To combat the disposable culture of Fast Fashion and out of control consumerism. We produce with waste creation in mind, the off cuts of our Sancho's brand is redistributed for free in communities local to production to be re used for things such as stuffing for pillow cushions. 


We are sustainable, not as a trend but as a reaction to the growingly scarce resources on our shared earth and the increasing challenge to dignity of garment workers in developing countries. 

We believe that if something is not ethical and sustainable, it is worthless as it perpetuates a system of suffering. 

Contrastingly, ethical and sustainable products hold a huge potential to both employ millions of people in need worldwide and to create production cycles in which fragile environments can thrive. 

You have a role to play, if you shop ethical clothing keep kicking butt and make sure you tell a friend why it is important. If you are getting ready to make your first ethical purchase get ready for a world of incredibly soft fabrics, fulfilling designs and positive impact that you as an individual will make. 

With love