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Together, me (Kalkidan) and Vidmantas, founded the store in 2014. We found our inspiration through travelling to developing countries such as Ethiopia where we saw, first hand, the effects of the fast fashion industry. The low wages, mass dumping, social disruption and environmental destruction affected us to our core.

Despite the disappointing nature of the fast fashion industry, we are realists and we know that the only way to provide the opportunity for sustainable development to millions of people around the world is through jobs. That is why we are committed to bringing ethical and sustainable brands to customers looking to make a positive change and to provide more options for conscious individuals.

Quality clothing was traditionally available on the high street but opening our store has been a huge eye opener, as to how limited quality clothing has actually become. Now clothing cannot just be well made, it has to be fairly made in ethical working conditions made from fabrics that don’t harm the planet and are durable enough to last and be loved for years.

With each new customer, our commitment to natural and quality materials is reaffirmed, and pushes us to continue to source quality sustainable clothing, to ask more questions and to challenge what was set before us.

We very literally built our shop and business by hand, so in doing so we know it through and through. That’s why if you ever have a query we will be the ones to answer it for you and if you are looking to source a piece of clothing we will be the ones to help you find it.

We encourage our customers to ask questions and do their own research, We want to support a community of like-minded individuals that want to know the truth behind their clothing and the effect it has on our planet.

Our two sustainable clothing and lifestyle shops are based in Exeter, Devon. Unlike shops that you may find on the high street we source clothing that is certified fair trade and is constructed from sustainable natural materials. In both our men's and women's stores, we stock a carefully curated range of clothing, accessories and gifts from organic and fair-trade producers.

We carefully source all the items in our shop by hand and we are driven by finding high quality garments and accessories that have all been produced fairly with responsible materials.

We want to make it easier for you, the customer, to make conscious decisions about what you buy and encourage you to ask questions wherever possible.

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