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How Pre Orders Work


What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is when an item is available to purchase but is not yet ready to ship. Products that are available to be pre-ordered will be launched at a certain date or time. By allowing pre-orders on a product, we are reducing the amount of time between falling in love, and arriving on your doorstep.


Why are we offering pre-orders?

We are offering pre orders so that we can allow customers to pay and hold the items that they want, to guarantee that they will receive the product within a set period of time.


Which products are available for pre-order?

The products available for pre-order changes on a weekly basis. Pre-order-able products are items that we can reintroduce into our inventory within 2 weeks. When you are on the product page you are looking at, if you hover over the size box you will see if that item is available for pre-order or if it has in fact sold out. Once a product sells out completely it will no longer be available to pre-order from us.


How can I pre-order an item?

In order to pre-order a product you can view the product page of that item. Select it as you would a purchase by clicking on the size or style you want. Then instead of pressing 'add to cart' you press the button 'pre-order', the product will then be added to your cart. You can then continue to shop the collection or you can checkout with just the pre-ordered item in your cart.


What happens after I pay?

After you pay we process your order as usual, packaging it ourselves and preparing what is avaiable from our current inventory. What ever we can process straight away will be packaged and posted using our usual shipping procedure, and anything that is not yet able to ship will be ordered into store. When the item arrives into store, we will package it separately and post it to you.


Do I have to pay additional shipping?

No :) your basket will only be calculated once. If you order is under £50 you will be asked to pay standard shipping rates. If it is over £50 your shipping will be free.


How long will I have to wait?

Products that are available for pre-order will usually take 2 weeks to ship to you. We always work to reduce this to the smallest amount of time we can. If we have any reason to think it will take more than 2 weeks we will contact you to offer you a chance to delay payment until the order has arrived. If you find yourself waiting for an order please email us at and we'll help you as soon as we can.


What about returns and exchanges?

You can return and exchange pre-ordered products in the same way as your usual purchase, and the time frame you have to do so will begin form when the item is delivered to you (not the date in which you placed the order). Read our Return and Exchange Policy here.


Why is pre-ordering an important factor of sustainable fashion?

We are offering pre-orders as we noticed that our most beloved items sell out quickly and we want to help you buy what you love in the fastest and easiest way possible. As a sustainable business we are also keen to limit the total amount of inventory we carry, we want to provide you with just the exact amount you are looking for and not more. Pre-ordering means that we can choose the items you love, and hold less inventory. We believe this is an important part of being a sustainable fashion business.