KABUKIMONO is an emerging “young designer fashion” brand with an interest in Art & Ethics. The term KABUKIMONO, is Japanese for “one who is individual or eccentric, leaning away from the norm”. Urban defiance, cultural fusing and individuality inspire the designer clothing label. Creative director, Edward Vanes describes KBUKIMONO’s work as “raw creation, made in London”.



KABUKIMONO’s latest collection “Hands & Faces Of The Shiro Meda” (featured in Eluxe Magazine) continues their theme of abstract hand-appliquéd/ painted sweatshirts with a story. Each piece crafted artistically and ethically manufactured, in London. Exclusively for Sancho’s Dress, KABUKIMONO use textiles made by Ethiopian based co-operative, Shiro Meda to adorn their collection of sweatshirts and tote bags.