Sancho's Covid-19 Information


The shop is closed in June, but we are continuing with online orders. There are some small delays with shipping but otherwise orders are being delivered as usual. Thank you so much for your support.

We are currently planning to open for limited hours in July. If you would like to contribute to our decision please complete this quick survey to help us understand what you would like.

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Kalkidan & Vidmantas.




Due to the unfolding situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), sadly our Sancho's shop is temporarily closed. We are so grateful to all of the customers who have been shopping online and enabling us to continue to pay our rent and our staff. Because of your support we are able to keep paying our staff 100% of their salary in this difficult time whilst also keeping up with payments (if with hardships and delays) with the fair trade suppliers that produce the clothes you love.

For 5 years, our mission has been to serve you ethical and sustainable fashion and we intend to continue doing so when this is all over. Over the coming days we’ll be exploring ways to offer top customer service online. This will include, live styling and collection launches - good news email and customer led photographs and reviews of our products.

We may have closed our shop doors, but you can still shop with us online. If you don't quite see something you'd like right away but would like to see us continue during this difficult period please consider buying a 'Sancho's Supporter' gift card and either gifting yourself in 6 months time or a friend now. Find out more here

We are keeping safe and your parcels safe by,

Social distancing: Your packages are prepared by Vidmantas who is maintaining a high level of sanitation and is currently 100% healthy. He also provides contact free delivery in Exeter and will deliver your parcels to your door to collect.

Posting: All outside orders are shipped by our couriers who are also maintaining social distancing and contactless delivery. All parcels are tracked and you can see where they are. We are currently shipping everything as normal.

We are providing service and support by,

Customer support: we are monitoring our customercare@sanchosshop email daily, we will respond to your requests as soon as we can and help in any way that we can.

This is a difficult time and all small businesses are having to make serious decisions about their day to day operations. For now we feel that we have a responsibility to the people who rely on us to keep going. We want to do our best to make it through this difficult situation and we appreciate your support whilst we do so. If anything changes or we are at all comprised we will review our current operations and change as needed.

Now more than ever do we believe in our ethics of slow and considered fashion and fair trade supply chains. Our suppliers are sticking by the people making your clothes, and we are sticking by our team and our community. When you choose to shop with us you are supporting a beautifully compassionate way of doing business.

And we are so grateful to you for that. Thank you for keeping us in business, thank you for your support and well wishes. Let us know how and when we can help you. Take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your community, and we look forward to welcoming you back into our shops when the time is right.

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Wishing you health and peace,

Kalkidan, Vidmantas & The Sancho's Team.