The Slow Fashion Show

because slow fashion is the antidote to fast fashion  


The Slow Fashion Show is hosted by Sancho's in partnership with InExeter. At Sancho's we try to live the mantra 'be the change you want to see in the world'. With the slow fashion show we had an opportunity to bring together likeminded individuals and businesses who share this mantra. Together, we created an event that highlighted independents, taught guests about conscious consumption and celebrated the diverse communities of the region.


We feature a select range of independent retailers and brands. To showcase designs that are made for real people.





We bring together individuals, brands, schools and business who focus on sustainable development and industry.



We chose garments made from natural fabrics, using slow production methods, and garments made to last.


Our models are diverse, refelecting ourselves, our guests and the communities of the future.

Because this space is for everyone.


Show Floor



Styling, Make Up and Design


Exeter Autumn Winter 2018 Catwalk

The Sustainable Design Awards

Sponsored by Sancho's, The award highlights the talent of designers in the South West whose focus is on sustainable design. We awarded £1000 of prize money to sustainable designers in order to help them develop their work.

The Sustainable Design Awards


The fabric should be made from natural or upcycled material


The garment should be made in a transparent and fair way.


The garment should have the potential to change the fast fashion industry


This years winner Is.


Davy J

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