The Sustainble Design Award will give a platform for brands, designers and organisations that are aiming to solve the issues of an unsustainble industry. We welcome entries that following any or all of the 3 core criteria below.

Sustainable Fabric

The garment should include materials that are; Natural, Organic, Recycled or Upcycled.



Meaningful Impact

The maker or designer should consider how, if their garments was to be made at scale it could tackle the industry wide issue of fast fashion or unsustainable lifestyle


Creative Solution

You do not necessarily have to be a designer. You could be a jeweller, printer, graphic designer or, community group trying to move us into a more sustainable future.


The Entry Process

Please click on the relevant category (Designer, Community Group, Organistion) below by Friday 14 September to enter a written submission. We require a 200 word description of what exactly you plan to enter and a what makes it sustainable. Entries can be entered for either mens or womenswear.  

Friday 14 September is the date we require the final garment to be ready by, but if you want to submit an initial concept for review before designing and making a garment, we will accept those any time. This will allow time for adjustments to be made so that garment is catwalk ready for the 22 September.

Once we receive your written submission, we will be in touch within 5 working days to confirm if you are shortlisted to have the opportunity to create your item for the catwalk.

*you can enter garments that have been made in previous seasons - it does not need to necessarily be new for Autumn/Winter 2018. As long as it meets one or all of the above criteria, the entry will be considered.

The Prize

The prizes will be awareded on the day.


First Prize £750

  voted by visitors will be awarded to the entrant who best meet all the criteria


Runner Up Prizes £100

3 entrants will receive £100 based on their garment best achieving one of the core criteria as voted on by 3 guest judges.