About Sancho’s Dress

Sancho’s Dress is an Award Winning Ethical Brand recognised as a new and innovative company furthering the reaches of Ethical Fashion in Africa through our cooperative in Ethiopia.  In less than 1 year we have trained 7 women in Ethiopia teaching them to weave and create garments with minimal environmental and social impact. Fair Trade is about creating an accountable way of doing business, as well as providing market linkages for artisans in developing countries with conscious and willing pioneers in the developed world.

Our designs are thoughtfully crafted to create an experiential wear for the customer, with high attention paid to detail and finish. Our garments are hand crafted in cotton and sustainable materials, using traditional skills that support rural communities. We have our core Scarf for Sustainability Collection in addition to which we produce a limited edition seasonal collection.

Our Workshops

Our scarves and materials are made in two locations, the first is in the rural town of Debra Marco’s Ethiopia, where we have trained four local women, and one man how to weave on traditional wooden looms. We chose Debra Marco’s as like many other rural towns it suffers from poor infrastructure and large rural to urban migration. By creating an opportunity to work on pedal-powered looms in this community we have provided an environmentally sustainable job for our employees. In 2016 we hope to increase our workshop to employ 10 women in Debra Marco’s.

A small amount of our scarves and materials are made by skilled Artisans in Addis Ababa, they are woven on wooden looms by individuals we trust using materials supplied by cotton spinners in a local hospital. Both the spinners and weavers are paid 3 times the industry average for Ethiopia and 4 times the national minimum wage. By paying a fair wage and using handmade material we are able to provide good incomes for 8 households in Addis Ababa as well as supporting the traditional weaving community.



We currently Stock Shops in the UK, Denmark and The United States. If you would like to enquire about bringing Sancho’s Dress to your town or city on online site contact us at hello@sanchosdress.com, using the subject title ‘wholesale YOUR COMPANY NAME’

Drop Shipping

If you are not ready for wholesale but would like to add us as a brand to your page please contact us on hello@sanchosdress.com ‘dropshipping YOUR COMPANY NAME’