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Absorbent Boxers in Black

£22.40 £32.00

Sustainable Absorbent Boxers in Black from Pantys at Sancho's in Exeter, UK

These Absorbent Boxers in Black from Pantys are a transgender and non-binary underwear to ensure period inclusivity for everyone who menstruates. 

"Menstruation has no gender" - Emily Ewell, CEO & Co-Founder

The lining is made from four layers of protection that are waterproof, natural, and antibacterial to avoid strong odour. After using the boxers just wash them! Menstrual boxers help care for the environment as one year of using them prevents 500 single-use sanitary products from entering landfill.

  • Patented quick-drying, waterproof, breathable and anti-bacteria technology
  • Vegan
  • Ideal for intense flow
  • Carbon neutral
  • Made with biodegradable outer fabric that decomposes in up to three years after disposal in a landfill.
  • Last an average of 50 washes (around two years depending on who many pants you have to rotate)
  • Pantys advise you to first use these panties at home to learn how often you need to change them because every person's body and cycle is unique.
  • System B certificate, which ensures transparent accounting of social, environmental and health impacts.
  • Brazilian brand

Washing Instructions:

  • Wash by hand
  • Or rinse first and then put in the washing machine in a mesh wash bag
  • Wash at a warm temperature
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as they damage the waterproof layer
  • Air dry

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Size Hip (cm)
XS 86 - 92
S 92 - 98
M 98 - 104
L 104 - 110
XL 110 - 116
XXL 116 - 124
3XL 124 - 132


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Absorbent Boxers in Black

£22.40 £32.00

Customer Reviews

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Worth every penny

I have really sensitive skin and wearing regular sanitary products can rub on the panty line. These are my first pair of period pants and am so pleased with my purchase! The boxer leg is so comfortable and doesn’t cut in to my skin at all. I feel very secure and dry wearing these all day. Really easy to wash. I bought XL and normally wear 14 knickers. I’m going to invest in a couple more pairs… thanks for stocking them Sancho’s xx