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Challenges Necklace in Dark Red



Inspired by rock formations and natural phenomena, this modern and stylish dark red necklace is designed to mirror the transformation we are each going through. We hope this necklace will remind you of where you are, where you have been and eventually where you will arrive.

  • One ethically made dark red necklace.
  • Exclusive to Sancho's.
  • Handmade from brass.
  • A collaborative piece with Just Trade who work with Fair Trade projects around the world.
  • Just Trade treat craftsmen with respect, which empowers them to create a better life for themselves.
  • Made in Peru by Hope Jewellery, a project which provides part-time fairly paid work for women. This has made a significant difference to their household incomes, meaning the women have been able to improve their homes, pay for medical treatment and educate their children, as well as spend more time with their families.