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Scream Pretty

Gold Arrow Stud Earrings

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These arrow point earrings are dainty with attitude. These hoop earrings compliment multiple piercings and are an understated style statement.

  • Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • 8.5 internal diameter of hoop. Wire 0.7mm Arrow 5.5mm at widest point.
  • Curved hook fastening for a dainty yet secure fastening. 
  • Geometric design that is always in fashion. 

These have become our new favourite earring style as they are light yet bold, a simple twist on a hoop huggie style. The earring slips into the ear like a hook, and doesn't come out, it looks slilghtly like a question mark when out of the ear. A great earring to layer with other piercings to add impact.