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Sancho's Open Circle Earrings

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Feel beautiful, powerful and strong. Part of Sancho's own exclusive Elemental Range of geometrical shapes, embrace yourself and your goals with these sentimental earrings. Our vision is to intertwine jewellery with personal meaning, goals and aspirations. The open moon represents the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe. Wear these half moon studs earrings as a daily reminder and a pick me up of your infinite comic energy  and personal growth, on the road to positive change and balance in yourself. 

  • Exclusively for Sancho's. 
  • Beautiful brass finish for simply classic and wearable look.
  • Fair Trade production working with Just Trade. 
  • Handmade by the Flowering Dessert Project providing paid work for women from rural communities in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. 

The geometrical design, famously explored in works of Picasso's, is one that is never out of fashion, and is embedded with so many powerful meanings. The deeply significant yin-yang symbol is circular, and speaks to us of encompassing the whole of duality with intent for unified balance.Whether as a gift for a loved one, or for yourself, these earrings embody harmony, creativity and a fulfilling sense of femininity.