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Early Bird Shwapper

Become a member of our Shwap Shop for 1 month! 

The shwap (at 126 Fore Street) will be created and filled with ethical and sustainable fashion, sourced and curated by Sancho's.

Each time you want something new from the Shwap - instead of paying for it you can choose to swap it with something you already own - For FREE.*

If you don't have something new as a shwapper you will be able to buy it at a fraction of the retail price (at least 30% off - every time)... because you know membership has its perks!

Sancho's will then take your swapped item and add it to the shwap floor! You then can go home with a lovely new addition to your collection of clothing having contributed to the shared wardrobe and having fought throw-away fashion!

This April we are launching the SHWAP - if successful we will make is a permanent addition to our business! So come along take part and let's SHWAP together! 

The first 100 members of the shwap will be registered for just £15!

Open From April 13th


126 Fore Street Exeter