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Sodium bicarbonate mix

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Mix Clean Green

Brand Description

Sodium bicarbonate to meet so many cleaning needs around the home. From cleaning grout or burnt on food on pans to popping a little too bro carpet to freshen. The possibilities are endless! 

500g in a home compostable pouch with paper (peelable so you can pop it on an airtight jar) label!

 Bicarbonate of soda recipe cleaning ideas:

  • Freshen your carpet or rugs: Mix a few drops of essential oil into a handful of bicarb, whisk and sprinkle onto carpets. Leave for a while and hoover.
  • Sprinkle directly onto your sink, use a sponge to lift dirt easily. 
  • Sink freshner/clearing simple blockages: Add 1-2 tbsps to the drain. Add vinegar or citric acid solution. Leave to foam and flush through. 
  • Grout cleaner: Add washing up liquid and a little water to make a paste.  Scrub with a brush or leave on grout over night.  Rinse away. 

Store in an airtight container away from pets and children. 

Sancho's Description

We are so impressed by Mix Clean and Green whole product range. A fantastic way to lower your plastic consumption use and drive sustainable change.

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