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  • Don't suffer the heat needlessly

    hemp+ linen T's and shorts will make this summer your best yet!

Natural Materials

We always source our products from naturally made sources, that are not only soft and comfortable next to your skin, but that do not damage the earth in their production and decomposition.

We believe feeling great through fashion should also mean being conscientious about our planet. 

Fairly Made

Our inspiration grew in travels where we saw first hand the effects of the fast fashion industry; low wages, mass dumping, social disruption and environmental destruction.

Despite the disappointing nature of of the fast fashion industry we are realists and we know that the only way to provide the opportunity for sustainable development to millions of people around the world is through jobs. That is why we commit to bringing ethical brands that are Fair-Trade to you.

Made to Last

Durability and re-usability are key concepts for true sustainability. We want you to be able to wear our collections over and over again. So that there is less fabric waste that our earth has to cope with in landfill.

We want you to start curating your own durable and long lasting wardrobe so that you not only look and feel great, but so that there is minimal damage to the earth.