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Floor Mix cleaner

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Mix Clean Green


Brand Description

Floor Mix is a highly eco-friendly floor cleaner.  Using a blend of green, renewable surfactants (soap) and a balance of organic Lemon, Rosemary and Lavender oils you can be sure this will leave any floor looking and feeling clean enough to eat your dinner off (not recommended as it's soap and a floor).

Suitable for all floor types.


Sticky finger safe. 

Amber glass bottle contains 100ml and has a recycled plastic label.

Refill (home compostable pouch) contains 90ml (to allow for the last bit before you re-order :) 

How to use:

Light cleaning: 1 cap: 4-5 litres of hot water

Heavy cleaning: 2 caps 4-5 litres of hot water

Spray mop:  A few drops into water.

Contains around 20  floor washes.

Sancho's Description

We are so impressed by Mix Clean and Green whole product range. A fantastic way to lower your plastic consumption use and drive sustainable change.

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    Floor Mix - Mix Clean Green
    Floor Mix cleaner - Mix Clean Green