Your Favourite Sancho's Items And Why You Love Them

Your Favourite Sancho's Items And Why You Love Them

Your Favourite Sancho’s Items and Why You Love Them


As Sancho’s grows we are introducing more and more new items to our website and store. But, for new customers wondering what items they will fall in love with, and our customers who want to know what is popular, we are listing YOUR top 5 Sancho’s items and why YOU love them.


  1.  Period Sleep Shorts in Black

Number one on our list are our THINX Sleep Shorts in Black. These Sleep Shorts repeatedly make the best sellers list and it’s because they not only provide a more sustainable option to using tampons and pads, but also let you sleep better on your period without the worry of ruining your sheets. They may look like regular sleep shorts, but they can hold 4 regular tampon’s worth in their built-in period pants. The shorts are so great that they’ve only been given 5-star reviews by our customers! 

One customer said that “These were my first foray into Period underwear, driven by a desire to stop having to wash my mattress protector every month. The worst part is having to buy more pairs as they are fantastic, slipping them on knowing I was approaching the danger zone was such a mental relief.

Another customer had been wearing the sleep shorts to sleep, even without her period, and raved about how comfortable they were: “I genuinely didn’t feel like I had any pants on the fabric is that soft and the inner knicker part feels secure without being tight. I was a little worried they’d be too short in the waist for me after reading some reviews as I’m tall with big hips but the XL fits just below my belly button and the legs are still nice and loose (a revelation for a pear shaped gal! How hard it is to find things that fit both the waist and thigh!).

 Someone also made note of our Pay It Forward Thinx Scheme which means that when you purchase a pair of zero waste period pants from THINX, we donate a pair to someone in need: “Comfy, effective and an absolute pleasure to wear. They look good enough to answer the door to the postman in, too. I sized up as I'm between sizes and they're a great fit. Big thanks also to Sancho's for the Pay It Forward Thinx scheme. I was very happy to be able to spread the period pants love on to someone else.



  1. Sasha Trousers

The Sasha Trousers for People Tree are another clear customer favourite on our website and we can clearly see why! The Organic Cotton trousers are soft with a well fitting drawstring waist and taper towards the ankle. Their dark colour means that they pair well with everything, and their shape means that you look smart, but feel like you are wearing pyjamas. They also have two side pockets for practicality! This ensured comfort means that the Sasha Trousers have received some of our best online reviews.

One customer called them the best trousers ever, and that they are “Fantastic trousers. Comfortable and smart. I have been looking for good black trousers for ages. These fit my casual lifestyle but can easily be dressed up. Gorgeous soft material.”

 Another customer loved the durability and fabric of the trousers saying that Basically these trousers just. keep. going. By that I mean they look good wear after wear.” “They're a jersey material but I can't describe it - there's just a bit more weight to them but they still feel cool and breathable.

Sancho’s has also been recognised for stocking sustainable wardrobe staples: “I am literally living in these trousers every day since I got them. They are soooo comfortable and a really good fit! Really impressed with all the clothing I’ve got from Sancho’s so far (this being my third purchase) - and love that these are all staples that are made to last.



  1. Girlfriend Compressive High Rise Leggings in Midnight


Girlfriend Collective is one of your favourite brands at Sancho’s, and these Girlfriend Compressive High Rise Leggings in Midnight are one of YOUR favourite items. The leggings are made from recycled PET meaning that each pair of leggings diverts 25 bottles from landfill. This means that by buying the leggings you are making a consciously sustainable choice, and looking after the Earth whilst looking stylish in your sportswear! One of the things that makes Girlfriend Collective at Sancho’s so special is that we stock them in sizes XS to 6XL. This makes them one of our most inclusive brands and means that you are sure to find a size that fits you! All of these reasons put together have led to you giving it 100% 5-star reviews!

One customer said that “Girlfriend Collective active wear, completely justifying the hype.” As they had “tried Adidas and Nike, only to send them to the charity shop after one wear, they literally haven’t ‘held up’. These are comfortable, gently compressing (not like some, I’ve had to wrestle off afterwards) like a firm hug around legs and torso. And, they do not roll, sag or need hoiking up partway through. The real deal.”

 Someone else talked about how easy the leggings were to style: “These leggings are a great fabrication and very comfortable both for working out or for casual wear. Love the midnight colour and the set looks great with an oversized sweater and trainers for a laid back athleisure look on down days.

 Meanwhile, another customer said “I am so glad that I can support a sustainable brand. I have tried other activewear brands that make products from recycled materials but none of them would fit me, so had to be returned. Thank you Sancho's for being size inclusive.”  We would like to thank YOU, our customers, for supporting our business and our brand. We continue to work hard to find sustainable and inclusive products that you will love.





  1. Leo High Cut Bra in Pink


Another item that YOU love is the Leo High Cut Bra in Pink from Hara. The bra is made from 90% Lyocell Bamboo and 10% Spandex making it the best alternative to underwire. The bra is seamless, soft, and wireless, but the rectangle cut makes sure that you are supported in your everyday life.


One customer was surprised by how supportive the bra was: “I really love it. I was wondering if it would actually give any support (im a 34f) but somehow, it does! I hate underwires, and wanted something really comfy, with a bit of support, and this is perfect!”. While another customer said that they were “Loving this bra...doesnt even feel like I'm wearing one! The pink is so pretty and the material is super soft.”


One person pointed out how versatile the bra is with different outfits saying that “This is so cute and so comfortable and feels great worn under a t-shirt or more bralet style with a more sheer top. The pink is absolutely gorgeous and I love the shape - it's something a bit different.”


  1. Oliana Jumpsuit


Our last item on the list is a classic from Sancho’s. It’s our Oliana Jumpsuit from People Tree! This jumpsuit is timeless and perfect for any occasion as it can be dressed up or down with different accessories and shoes. It is cut from soft Organic Cotton and has an elasticated waist which creates a defined shape around the hips. Also, it is Fair Trade which means that it is ethically conscious. You truly love this jumpsuit as it has an overwhelming 39 5-star reviews and is always on our bestsellers list!


The softness of the jumpsuit has been noted by several customers. One customer said that “this jumpsuit is a game changer. It's worth every penny and please please get it in more colours!! I suffer from endometriosis, so waist bands and harsh fastening are incredibly tough and swelling can be hard to accommodate and still look stylish. This outfit is the holy grail: it's soft, well-made, stylish and the button in the bust is amazing for no gaping.”

Another customer called it flattering and comfortable whilst talking about how to style it: “Already know this is going to get a lot of wear. Wore with killer red heels and a statement belt felt a million dollars, wore with trainers and it is so comfortable and light I never want to take it off. Very soft cotton.

Someone else commented on the shape, saying that “I'll be honest, I was sceptical that this would flatter me as I am self-conscious about my tummy, but it's beautiful, comfy and really flattering. It's true to size, and drapey, not clingy.”



Hope you've enjoyed looking at our favourite items. What they all have in common is that they are great wardrobe staples. If you want to check out what has been most popular this week, you can find a collection right here!


By. Hannah Judge