My Lock Down Routine

My Lock Down Routine

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For me the best way to get through any difficult situation is to plan. I am a big planner. As such when I heard we would be at home for the next 3 weeks I made plan that I knew I could stick to in order to manage my mental health (see previous blog). And in order to tackle some of the goals that I had set for myself previously, but had been unable to reach. Here it is,



7-8 : exercise time - long walks/runs by the river. There is no substitute for fresh air and exercise and for as long as this is allowed I will be doing it.

9-2 working - on Sancho's strategy, admin, emails and creating content.

11am : Team call : catch up and coordinate.

2-3pm Lunch time - ideally on our balcony or roof <3.

3-5.30 - A helpful home task ( this will include cleaning, organisation, and DIY). We are cataloguing all of our clothing for Shwop as well which is very exciting!

5.30-7.30 -  University work - this year I am studying the Exeter MBA so I use this time to watch lectures, and write assignments.

7.30-8.30 - something to make me and Vidmantas more skilled or smarter. - reading/ playing music/ writing/ meditating/ painting/ craft. Basically a non-screen related self improvement activity. This is here so that we don't get caught out watching too much television.

8.30 - we make dinner and watch a movie. (do you have any suggestions for us?)

Saturday - House planning / washing/cooking/ organisational stuff.

Sunday - Chill.

Okay so that might seem like a lot to a lot of people reading, but here are two truths. One, at the end of all this life will go back to normal and there will be plenty of time for adventures and parties so would be great to get a few chores down now. Two, if at any point in time this feels unachievable or unnecessary it can be ignored or adapted.

The reason why I work early in the day is because for most people that is the time our brains are capable of making the most decisions with the least effort. The reason why rest and craft come later is because that is when we are most likely to be anxious and idle. Craft and creativity are perfect tools for managing mental health. Finally, the reason I exercise early is because I know I can be outdoors early and a lot of vulnerable people may not be able to - and I'd rather stay out of their way.

Okay so that is my plan, I am hoping to

- get better at managing our website

- organise my whole house and possession (as we are hoping to move soon)

- submit my next 3 papers for the masters degree

- tell interesting stories and stay connected with our followers online

-continue to develop Shwop.

How are you scheduling your days? What do you think of my plans above? Do you know any create craft videos I should watch? Let me know on instagram @wowsancho.