5 Reasons to Love a Jumpsuit

5 Reasons to Love a Jumpsuit

One of our most reliable wardrobe staples, and therefore something we deem a great sustainable purchase has to be a good jumpsuit. 

Whether you need something for work, play or as a go to everyday piece, we've got a jumpsuit style for everyone, all of which can be seen here.

Are you a jumpsuit enthusiast too or have you not yet tried an all in one? We've put together 5 reasons we love a jumpsuit, and think you will, too...

1. They're a one and done piece...

Isn't it a dream to be able to say, "oh this? I just threw it on..." and mean it? That feeling can be yours with one of our sustainable jumpsuit styles. Just wake up, put on, and go...All you need is a few accessories and essentials and you're good to go. One of the simplest ways to look chic and effortless in a flash, so you've got more time to spend getting on with your day rather than worrying about what to wear, we're sold. 

Alex Kortland wearing our Organic cotton Hadley Boilersuit

Alex Wears - Hadley Boilersuit in Navy - £155

2. They work hard in your wardrobe...

While jumpsuits can be a one and done piece, they are also super versatile to style in a plethora of different ways. Heading to the office? Team a jumpsuit with a blazer and smart shoe. Going for drinks or dinner? Add a statement earring and a heel. Dressing it down for a day at home, the beach or in the garden? Wear with a canvas trainer, slider or birkenstock and accessorise with an open oversized linen shirt and a hat in the sun. The same jumpsuit can see you through all sorts of occasions with some thoughtful styling choices. It can also see you though different seasons, wear alone in Summer, layer with base layers such as long sleeve tees or polo necks underneath in Autumn and wear tights underneath and jumpers overtop to have your jumpsuit look like a cool pair of trousers in Winter...Our collection of jumpsuits are made out of a range of sustainable materials, some lighter than others, but all can be made to work for you all year round when teaming with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Shop ethical and sustainable jumpsuits at Sancho's

Diana Wears - Isabella Leaf Print Jumpsuit - £89

3. They are flattering...

There really is a jumpsuit cut to suit every body shape, age and style. More often then not, a good jumpsuit will  compliment and enhance your shape, and the unbroken line of a jumpsuit is universally flattering. A lot of our styles have waist defining cuts but for those wanting a straighter cut, we have those too. Whether you feel more confident in a wide leg, slim tapered leg, a short sleeve or long-sleeve, there's a style to flatter and accentuate your favourite parts of you, a jumpsuit can make you feel like yourself at your most put together and confident without any of the fuss.

 Shop ethical and Sustainable Jumpsuits at Sancho's

Kalkidan Wears - Brooklyn Twill Dungarees in Natural - £125

4. They're comfortable...

An all in one style, whether a fitted soft jersey, loose dungaree or a utility style boilersuit, is going to feel comfortable. Without lots of layers, the feeling of a restrictive jean on your stomach, or chaffing from exposed limbs in the Summer and so on, you're free to move, walk, work, lay down, even JUMP without feeling held back by your clothing. We love a jumpsuit for looking deceptively 'put together' while feeling confidently comfortable, because fashion doesn't have to hurt. 

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Ruby Wears - Sancho's Own Everyday Essential Dungarees - £65

5. They give you a confidence boost...

A good jumpsuit evokes the feeling of power dressing, whether you are heading to a board meeting, a picnic in the park, running errands around town, or drinks at your local cocktail bar. Jumpsuits make you feel good, which ultimately makes you look good.  There's something 'cool' about wearing a jumpsuit to that Summer wedding or on that date, and that's because they look strong, make you stand out and feel comfortable and confident, and we all know inner confidence is the best accessory. 

Shop the Oliana Jumpsuit

Lydia Wears - Oliana Jumpsuit - £85 

So there are our 5 reasons to love a jumpsuit. Not convinced? Give one a try and see for yourself by shopping our great range of organic cotton styles here, we're confident you will find 5 reasons to love your new jumpsuit, too. 

Thanks for reading! 


Written by Roberta Juxon-Keen