Frequently Asked Questions: Girlfriend Collective Activewear

Frequently Asked Questions: Girlfriend Collective Activewear

Our 5-star rated Girlfriend Collective Activewear is one of our favourite brands for working out, chilling out, and living in every day. It's also super popular with our customers, so be sure to check out our customer reviews when considering your first (or next) Girlfriend purchase. 

We always get a few questions about these products, so here we're covering your most frequently asked ones so you can be armed with all the info you need when shopping our Girlfriend ranges this season and beyond.

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What's the difference between FLOAT and Compressive lines?

FLOAT is made with light and breathable fabric for hotter days. Made for low to medium impact activity, the soft FLOAT fabric is perfect for whether you are lounging round the house or getting active! It is the composition of these that makes them lighter, made with 90% recycled PET and just 10% Spandex. The Compressive ranges however, are made from 79% Recycled PET and 21% Spandex, meaning they are a thicker, stretchier fabric that moulds to your body and cinches you in, perfect for high impact work outs and winter walks.

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What sports bra shape do you recommend for larger chests? 

Chest support is so important when working out, and this is a question we get a lot. For larger busts, we recommend opting for a bra from the compressive range, as this fabric is more supportive, and going for either the Paloma, Dylan or Tommy styles. Of those styles, we think the classic Paloma is probably the most supportive, closely followed by the Dylan if you want a more high coverage option. 

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How many bottles does each piece divert from landfill?

A compressive legging diverts 25 bottles from landfill, a compressive sports bra 12 bottles from landfill, a FLOAT leggings diverts 17 water bottles from landfill and a FLOAT sports bra 8.24 bottles from landfill.

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How do I care for my Girlfriend Collective pieces?

To make your Girlfriend pieces last, wash them in cold water, with similar colours, and hang to dry. Not only is this better for the environment and reduces energy use, it is also the best way to take care of your clothes. Actually, you might want to consider doing this with your entire wardrobe…

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Are the plastics that become Girlfriend Collective products BPA free?

Yes, it is. Plastics that contain BPA are polycarbonates, or the type of plastic specifically used in reusable water bottles. The recycled PET is polyethylene terephthalate and is used in single use water bottles and food containers. This type of plastic has been repeatedly tested over 30 years for its safety.


What size should I go for?

You'll find a size guide on each product page to help you convert from your usual size, but for a little extra guidance, below is how Girlfriend Collective recommend the bras or leggings should fit...


Bras should fit snug to keep you supported but shouldn't dig or have too much space in the straps or under the bust. If in doubt, use a tape measure to find your perfect fit. 


Leggings should feel snug to the body, without any excess fabric in the waist, knees, or bottom hem. The best-selling Compressive collection will feel quite snug and tight on your first wear. Don’t be alarmed — this is totally normal. You’ll start to feel them slightly relax and mould to your body with more wear. Just like that perfect pair of vintage jeans.

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Are the leggings sheer-proof? 

Most of the styles are 100% opaque, however some of the lighter colours aren't all 100% sheer-proof, so with lighter colours it is recommended to wear nude coloured underwear just in case.

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Are the products sweat proof?

All of the Girlfriend Collective items are moisture wicking and quick drying, so you can work out as hard as you like and won't have to worry about sweat patches sticking around.

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Can you get the same products at the same time as Girlfriend Collective?

When it comes to core colours and styles, including black, midnight, ivory, moss, plum and moon, we are in sync with Girlfriend Collective, however when they release a new product or colour, they sell only via their own website for 1-2 seasons (up to a year), before they are made available to stockists. We have some really exciting new products coming from Girlfriend this year that we cannot wait to share, and we always appreciate your feedback on styles you have seen that you would like us to get, however it may take us a while to be able to get this for you. 

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So there you have it, the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to pop in store, contact our live chat, or e-mail us on 

We hope you love your Girlfriend Collective pieces as much as we do. 

Thanks for reading! 

Written by Roberta Juxon-Keen