Our BBC Documentary - Now Available on iPlayer

Our BBC Documentary - Now Available on iPlayer

You might have seen us talking about our being involved in a BBC documentary recently, and we are so excited to announce that  'We Are England: Bossing It - Fighting For Fashion - Exeter' is now available  on iPlayer here !

Image of BBC IPLAYER Doc

The show aired regionally last night on BBC1, and while the whole of team Sancho's was a little apprehensive, having no idea what the final result was going to look like, we were all so proud and have been so humbled by the support from those of you that have caught it already, so thank you!

The show follows Kalkidan's journey, not only with Sancho's, but with sister circular resale company, Shwap, as she seeks investment and develops the businesses.

Kalkidan and Vidmantas at tech nation event in London

With an honest look at what we do, an insight into Kalkidan's family and background, it also takes you along for the ride of a Sancho's shoot, an event for Shwap, and much more...

A photoshoot behind the scenes look

We hope you love this documentary as much as we do if you get chance to watch it. We are so thankful to everyone involved in making it (thank you Luke David and Hannah Mirsky for telling our story), and everyone involved in not only the filming but in supporting us though shopping with Sancho's or Shwap.

It means the world to us to be represented on such a large platform like the BBC iPlayer and we will be spending some time reflecting on the whole process in the coming weeks. 

Kalkidan with her mother at their family home in Reading

Are you interested in seeing more of Kalkidan and the team through video content? We are going to be relaunching our YouTube channel and will release a video review by Kalkidan of the show and the experience of filming it once we hit a 1000 YouTube subscribers, and we would love to see you there!  Follow this link to subscribe and in the mean time, we'll get bossing it...

Thank you so much again for your continued support of our small business, it helps inspire us to continue Fighting for Fashion.. 

With love, 

Kalkidan and the team x