Mental Health & Coronavirus

Mental Health & Coronavirus

Hello friends,

Coronavirus has changed everything; people are sick, we are not allowed to see our friends and family, businesses are closing. The day to day rules of life are changing, our conservative government is injecting finance into the economy at an unprecedented level. As of today there is hope

- infection testing is increasing to 25,000 a day

- small business are being given financial support

- employee wages are being backed up to 80%

- tax holidays are being implemented

Now this is all currently talk, there is no real fact and none of these funds have started coming in. But there is hope, it is likely we are going into an economic contraction, but it is also likely we'll make it out. When we do, perhaps we'll be more compassionate of one another. Perhaps there will be less C02 in the atmosphere, and perhaps we'll be a society that isn't afraid of collective action against the very real existential threats of climate change.

However, as individuals we can only hope so long, in addition to being hopeful about the future we need real tangible techniques to break down big picture of hope, into small picture contentedness. For me personally, I find the best thing for my mental health is to search for and find contentedness in my life. Whenever I feel stressed, anxious, scared I reach back to a state of calm. A place where I know I can think clearly, make plans, and take life at a pace I can handle. These are some of the things I try to do, I hope they are helpful for you.

1. Reality

A lot of fear is a result of one of two things. The first is the dread we feel that things are going to get worse, that we can't control the situation, that we are not good enough. I understand this as a part of how our species first learnt to deal with new threats when we were hunter or gatherers. It served us well then, but now each year, each day even we face new potential threats. From getting hit by a bus, not being liked by a group, to loosing our jobs and not being able to be rehired. However our fear is not necessarily our reality. We can take measures to not be hit by a bus, most groups we interact with have their own worries to worry about us, and we can get rehired. Framing problems to re see them, find the solution and pursue it is my main technique for managing my own well being.


2. Health

Our bodies are machines and need to be properly looked after, they need the right fuel and maintenance. We need to eat vegetables, not eat too much sugar and fats and we need to move. Luckily as humans we get so many different options on how we might move. During the coronavirus social distancing I have challenged myself to do the YES Theory's 100 days of exercise. I plan to go for a run whenever it is sunny, and when it is not I will watch a YouTube video. I am particularly looking forward to dance classes from my good friend Chloe, ballet classes from Tara, cross fit class from Jamie and the Cross Fit Exe team, and some yoga from Tracey.

Exercise releases endorphins, and a good diet improves your cells ability to do what they do best - keep your wonderful self.

Part of me is unbelievable grateful for the opportunity to slow down and focus on my health (is that awful to say) - I I just have been burning out for what feels like years with managing the business and my masters degree.

3. Gratitude

Practising gratitude is probably the most powerful thing we can all do. It helps me to understand and appreciate all the beauty of my life, and accept hardships as a part of the deal. It makes my heart full, I think about my family. Each of them give so much to the world and will carry me through anything. I think about my friends, dotted around the world, I get to see them so infrequently but feel so happy in the presence when the chance comes. I think about the sunlight, and how it warms my skin, my luck in having running water. My ability to read and write, and laugh.

If you struggle with expressing gratitude think about the following. What is one thing, no matter how small that you are grateful for today. How does it make you feel. Sit in your blessing.

Gratitude is powerful because it helps us to move away from fear, from self criticism, from the judgement of others. So that we can focus on making our lives, and hopefully the world a little bit better. By showing up as our kindest, most contends selfs.


It is going to be a long journey, but we'll get through it together.

I am Kalkidan, and I am wearing the GRL PWR T-shirt and People Tree Organic Cotton Cycling Shorts

Let me know what you do to stay content on instagram @wowsancho <3