Pay Black Women for their work

Pay Black Women for their work

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Board room leaders, CEO’s, owners of companies and people at the top are trying to show that they are anti-racist. To do this they may have asked for the help from Black female employees, friends or activists. They have then come out with blanket apologies and promises to ‘do better’ which will highlight them in their press and marketing as ‘fixing’ the problem.

However, without real actionable points and an acknowledgement to the black women who have freely given input and advice based on their real-life suffering are left without compensation for their physical and emotional labour.

We are calling on our customers to contact organisations where you have seen this happen and implore them to acknowledge and pay for the work that these Black Women have carried out.

If you know of a Black Woman who has not been payed for her physical and emotional labour within anti-racism work for a company or organisation then please get in touch, email me at This week we will be donating 10% of sales to these Black Women.

Here is a draft email for you to send to a company where you have seen this happen:


Dear ____________

I am pleased to see that you have tried to start your anti-racism journey. However, I believe that the rewards that come from this development may be being unequally shared.

Therefore I encourage you to review, and consider paying ______________ for __________________ . And the considerable value that her contribution has brought to this organisation.

Failure to do so may be seen as a continuation of systemic racism.


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