The Importance of Comfort in 2021

The Importance of Comfort in 2021

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2020 was the year of loungewear. With everyone spending so much time indoors, our comfort has been more important than ever. Loungewear is the ultimate way to relax in style at home, whether you’re working or kicking back. To answer your loungewear needs, here at Sancho’s we’ve just welcomed our brand new Comfort Capsule Collection! A year since we went into lockdown, let’s look back at the rise of lounge wear and casual wear in 2020.

Changing the Future of Fashion

Lockdown was an opportunity for so many consumers to really think about the fashion industry and what they were buying, and from who. The #PayUp movement came as a result of brands not paying for orders, meaning workers weren’t getting their wages. In 2020, when orders were cancelled, 71.2% of buyers refused to pay for raw materials that were already purchased by the supplier, and 91.3% of buyers refused to pay for the cut-make-trim cost of the supplier. With so many consumers discovering that brands weren’t paying their suppliers, the #PayUp movement spread across social media, with people calling out huge brands like Nike, Amazon and Next to pay their workers. As a result of spending more time indoors and online shopping, consumers definitely started to call for more transparency and ethical practices from the brands they were buying from. In the UK, lockdown caused shops to close and as a result, numerous retailers filed for bankruptcy which subsequently lead to thousands within the retail industry losing their jobs. Whilst this was a tragedy for the high-street and so many retail workers, 2020 was an amazing year for online retail. The first half of 2020 alone saw five years of growth in online market share in a market of weeks. The retail industry has been slowly changing throughout the 21st century, but 2020 accelerated these changes and potentially changed the world of retail forever.

The Rise of Loungewear (WFH)

With thousands and thousands of people on furlough and working from home, 2020 saw a huge rise in loungewear sales, with the UK demand for loungewear and casual wear surging 49% amid lockdown. With everyone staying indoors, we all want to work and relax in an environment that’s calming and comfortable. Naturally, the most obvious and casual form of comfort at home, is lounge wear. In April 2020, 47% of the UK were working from home, with around 57% of people living in London, working from home. A year on, hundreds of thousands of people are still working from home, which has led to employers rethinking the future of the workplace. Employees have started to see the pro’s of working from home, such as more time to spend with family, more time to relax, and saving money on commuting, meaning lots of employees want to continue to work from home post-COVID. Now, more than ever, self-care, relaxation, and mental and physical wellbeing is unbelievably important, which is why loungewear has been such a success in 2020.

Why We Love Lounge Wear

Loungewear has been THE wardrobe staple of 2020/21, with lots of brands and designers branching out into more casual clothing that puts comfort first. Slouchy joggers or shorts are a Zoom call essential! There’s nothing more important than being comfy when you’re sitting at your desk taking Zoom calls all day. Zoom is all about business-on-the-top, comfort-on-the-bottom dressing, which is why comfy joggers and shorts are such an essential! Sancho’s Comfort Capsule Collection offers joggers and shorts in a wide range of colours, so you can mix up your loungewear throughout the week! However, loungewear isn’t just for WFH! This year has been stressful for everyone, especially key workers, so self-care has never been more important! What better way to practice self-care, than to relax in comfort in some gorgeous loungewear? Whether you’re Netflix-bingeing, baking banana bread or doing your skincare routine, a matching loungewear set is the perfect way to kick back in style.

How Is Our Lounge Wear Ethical?

With so many brands now offering loungewear, it begs the question, can loungewear be ethical? Luckily here at Sancho’s, our loungewear is sustainably and ethically made using 100% organic cotton. Our cotton lounge wear is even GOTS certified, which means that only organic fibres are used to create the garments. As well as this, these fibres and garments are produced in environmentally and socially ethical environments! The process of creating the loungewear is important, but the quality of the loungewear is also incredibly important! We’ve made sure that our loungewear is long-lasting, meaning that it will stay in amazing condition after multiple washes and wears. There’ll be no bobbles or loose threads! It will also stay cozy and soft, so you can be as comfortable in your loungewear as you were the first time you wore it.

How To Style Your Lounge Wear

We think our Comfort Capsule lounge wear looks awesome worn in a monochromatic set, which is why we offer the full Comfort Capsule in one set, which includes a hoodie, a tee, and joggers or shorts. Our loungewear comes in a wide range of colours, from a very Summer-y green or lilac, to a more classic black or grey, so there really is something for everyone!

If you want to mix up the colours of your loungewear, we also offer our cotton hoodies, tees,t-shirt dresses, joggers, and shorts to buy individually, in the same wide range of colours. Sancho’s also offer the perfect selection of comfy underwear to wear with your loungewear. We love Hara’s bamboo underwear, which is size inclusive and comes in an amazing range of colours! We also love Boody’s classic underwear, which is also made using bamboo, and is the perfect comfy and affordable everyday underwear. We even offer super cute bamboo socks, which will make an amazing (and super comfy) addition to your loungewear wardrobe.

If you’re working from home and need to utilise the business-on-top dressing, we also offer stunning 100% cotton wrap tops from Roake, that are sure to impress your fellow employees over Zoom! Pairing these with joggers or shorts, will be the perfect way to work from home in comfort and style.

Shop Sancho’s Comfort Capsule Collection here.


Written by Megan Finch

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