Why wearing organic cotton is better for you, the planet and the people

Why wearing organic cotton is better for you, the planet and the people

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There is a long list of reasons why wearing organic cotton is better for the planet. But the key reason is that buying GOTS certified organic cotton is the only way to avoid the use of highly toxic substances which affect the environment. At Sancho’s we care about sustainable living and so our new organic cotton loungewear collection is ethically made and branded in the UK to help you live and shop consciously. We are now selling comfort capsule bundles so that you can buy a selection of your favourite ethical loungewear for less!

Why is wearing organic cotton better for you?

Organic cotton is better for sensitive skin, people with allergies, and children! This is because of its soft texture and the fact that toxic chemicals are not used in the process of growing the cotton. Plus, not only is it softer than normal cotton, but it is more durable which means that your sustainable loungewear will last for longer and look better than it usually does after a few washes! Organic cotton is the key to conscious shopping and buying less. Our ethically made loungewear benefits both the environment and you.

Why is wearing organic cotton better for the planet?

Organic cotton farmers use natural methods which build healthy soils that store carbon. This helps to fight against climate change. The healthy soil saves more water by soaking it up during floods and holding it in during droughts. Also, rivers, lakes and drinking water are kept cleaner as hazardous pesticides are not used.

Growing organic cotton is better for the farmer’s livelihoods too! Genetically Modified seeds are banned in organic farming which prevents farmers from working with GM companies and gives them control of their crops. This means that they work with the environment in a sustainable way which promotes a good quality of life. By buying organic cotton you make a difference to the world as you invest in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and farmer livelihoods! Sometimes the price of organic cotton clothes is higher as a result of this, but as the demand for it rises more choice will become available.

How do I care for my organic cotton loungewear?

Caring for your organic cotton loungewear couldn’t be easier! Simply wash it at 30 degrees with similar colours. Then air dry and iron on a low heat so that the ethically made lounge wear is not damaged! 100% organic cotton may shrink when washing on a high heat, because it is not chemically treated. But, you don’t need to worry about shrinkage if you are washing it on a low temperature and not drying it with heat.

Our new loungewear collection comes in a range of bright and beautiful colours, such as lilac and blue. It is better for the environment and your loungewear to wash it using a mild detergent. This means that the colour is less likely to fade, keeping your ethical loungewear looking vibrant and new for longer! Our special tip for removing stains from organic cotton lounge wear is to use cold water and spot clean the stain with a little bit of laundry detergent before putting it in the wash.

How do I make my organic cotton loungewear last?

By following our washing instructions and using low heat your organic cotton loungewear is sure to last years and years! Its easy to buy lots of clothes and throw them all in the machine at once. But by taking time to consider the best way to wash your organic cotton clothes you ensure that they look fresh and new for longer. This means that you get the most out of your ethically made loungewear which is a great investment for you and the environment!

Our new collection of organic cotton lounge wear has just been released online! It is made ethically and branded in the UK meaning that it is a must for sustainable living and working from home in comfort. The comfort capsule range features cosy hoodies, soft sweatshirts, stylish jogger shorts, classic t-shirts and ethical jogging bottoms. Shop the Sancho’s Loungewear collection now to find dreamy loungewear looks!


Written by Hannah Judge