Find Out Olivia's 5 Favourite Ethical Gifts

Find Out Olivia's 5 Favourite Ethical Gifts

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We have been working hard to find you the perfect ethical Christmas gift for you to give this holiday season! We have sourced many beautiful, unique and well-made gifts so that you can relax this Christmas, whilst we do the hard work for you!

My name is Olivia and I am the Communications Manager here at Sancho’s. I work on keeping the website up to date, running our social media channels, developing campaigns and writing blogs! In this blog I’ll tell you all about my 5 favourite ethical gifts in store at Sancho’s right now and why I’d love to receive them or gift them to others.

1. Oatmylk vegan soap &
2. Organic cotton face cloth

I'll definitely be getting my mum an organic cotton face cloth, paired with an oatmylk vegan soap, as she says you can never have too much of either of these items! She even keeps them in a special cupboard so she never runs out!

3. Ego slippers in dusty rose

I have a pair of these in mustard I bought last year and they still look like new even though I wear them all the time, even sometimes to pop to the shop! I would love to gift these to my sister this year so she can enjoy them as much as I do!

4. Tehran check pyjama set

The Tehran check pyjama set would be so dreamy to receive! I always wear a proper pyjama set on Christmas eve because it reminds me of being woken up by my sister at the crack of dawn and opening presents at the end of my parents’ bed in matching pyjamas.

5. Zero waste pendent

It’s always exciting to open something sparkly at Christmas time that you can wear at all the festive occasions (although this year may be very different) This zero waste pendent is one of my favourite pieces in store because it is super affordable, beautiful, made from recycled materials AND you can wear it everyday, a beautiful necklace I would love to receive this holiday season.

What's your favourite Christmas tradition?

Decorating the Christmas tree is my favourite part of the season! We used to play this CD of Jazz Christmas classics while me and my sister decorated it together.

What tradition would you add to this festive season?

Last year my sister and her friends had a 'friendmas', 2 weeks before Christmas day, where they all made food together and played games, I love the idea of having Christmas over a few days for lots of different celebrations with different friends and loved ones.




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Written by Olivia Riley