To  discount or not to discount?

To discount or not to discount?

Sancho’s is the home of sustainable fashion and ethical lifestyle products. Our Black woman owned business is based in Exeter, UK where we believe in doing better, providing sustainable and affordable clothing options. Through activism and spreading awareness, we are working towards a kinder world. Shop our Transparent Pricing collection here, our Organic Cotton Bestsellers here and read more About Us here.



We want to Include you, the customer into a difficult decision that many small businesses have to make, to make it as transparent as possible as to why we do what we do.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This week is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a weekend dedicated to mass discounting to encourage shoppers to buy on bulk, in preparation for the Christmas period. Whilst for some this is a good opportunity to purchase items they have needed for a long time but could not otherwise afford, for many this is a time to spend money you don’t have on items you don’t need because of advertising and pressure to BUY BUY BUY this Christmas season.

As a small ethical business, we will always question what the mass high street is up to, and Black Friday is no different. This tradition has many devastating effects such as mass over-consumption which creates masses of waste ending up in landfill, not to mention it leaves you feeling deflated and depressed.

We all love a discount

The truth is, we all love a discount! BUT for small businesses, the decision to discount is much more complicated, because we don’t have the financial security to fall back on, and our prices are fairly fixed as to what it costs. Our small profit margin has to be very carefully watched so that we can stay afloat and pay our rent and staff wages.

This is one of the reasons it is so hard to be a small ethical business when you’re prices are constantly compared to huge conglomerates that introduce black Friday deals into their marketing strategy without a care in the world.

How can we make sustainable fashion more affordable?

We understand that although many of our customers understand the negative effects of black Friday, they also would love to get sustainable fashion that is more affordable to them, so we have introduced our ‘transparent pricing’ collection, for you to ‘pay what you can’.

We want to do things a little differently this black Friday and turn it into a ‘Pay what you can’ Friday. What can you expect? Lots of items that we have in store will be added to our transparently priced collection, so you have the choice to pay what you can, knowing that it is transparently priced so you know exactly where your money is going.

How does transparent pricing work?

It works like this, each item has 3 prices. The bottom price is the cheapest option, and this just covers the price of the item of clothing, and shipping it to you. The middle price covers this as well as a bit on top to cover our shop rent, marketing costs and staff wages. The top price includes all of this and a bit on top for us to invest in the future of our business and to continue to source and curate beautiful sustainable and ethical products for you to enjoy.

Our transparent pricing collection gives you, the shopper, the choice to ‘pay what you can’ whilst supporting a small, ethical, independent shop on it’s journey.

Thank you for shopping transparently with us, it really means a lot.


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Written by Olivia Riley.