Find out Ryan's 5 favourite ethical gifts

Find out Ryan's 5 favourite ethical gifts

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We have been working hard to find you the perfect ethical Christmas gifts for you to give this holiday season! We have sourced many beautiful, unique and well-made gifts so that you can relax this Christmas, whilst we do the hard work for you!

You may know Ryan from when he worked in our Menswear store on fore street, always smiling and working hard with perfect hair. Since our menswear shop has closed Ryan has been working in our main shop in Exeter, and over the past few months has been working very hard at packing all your online orders! We asked Ryan if he could choose his 5 favourite ethical gifts in store at Sancho’s right now, read on to find out what he chose.

1. Khan Bamboo Boxer and Sock Gift Set

I would love to receive this as a gift because I absolutely adore the men’s Thought underwear range. I currently have bamboo boxers and socks from thought and they are without a doubt the most comfortable pieces of underwear I have ever owned. My Christmas is never complete without the mandatory underwear gift from my Mum.

2. Bee Grow Bar

I would gift the Bee grow bar to my sister and by default my amazing nieces (aged 3 and 7) as they have moved into a house with a beautiful big garden. My nieces love playing in the garden and this bar is a great opportunity for my sister and I to teach them about the importance of Bees to us and our world and why we should bee helping them where we can.

3. Christmas Fireplace Mini Candle

It smells delicious and looks great on your mantel piece!

4. Soapdaze vegan soaps

I love these soaps because they’re made from all-natural ingredients which means they are much better for the environment than other soaps or shower gels, and they make a great gift!

5. Egos slippers in black

Perfect for staying cosy this winter! Buy 2 pairs and get 15% off this week only, offer ends 10th December.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

In recent years, my family has adopted the tradition of secret Santa. We all get one family member, selected in secret, that we buy a gift for and the price is normally limited to about £50. We decided to do this when we realised that we were all making ourselves broke and stressing trying to buy everyone the best gift ever, we also realised how much waste we were producing by buying things that more often than not would be thrown away or sat in a cupboard never to be used. By doing secret Santa it gives us the opportunity to put all our energies into funding the perfect present for one member of the family that means something to them.

What tradition would you change?

I would like to see the tradition of Christmas decorations change. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t decorate, I just think that when we decorate, we should try to use Christmas decorations we already own and try to avoid being convinced to buy new ones every year as most of these end up in landfill. If we do have to buy new then we should try to be aware of the sustainability of the decorations and try to buy them from independent businesses.



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