How to Style Our New Hara Collection

How to Style Our New Hara Collection

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Hara is an underwear line that was designed with both you and our planet in mind. The brand has ethical practices at its core and focuses on creating soft, beautiful and sustainable items. Their mission is to use the brand to bring awareness and education to issues surrounding the environment within the fashion industry. All products are naturally dyed, cut, sewn, packaged and shipped in Melbourne, Australia. This helps to alleviate dependence on fossil fuels and create in house recycling systems. Plus, ensuring that their workplace is safe is one of Hara’s top priorities which means that you know that your underwear has been made with care. All of the fabric is made from bamboo because it is an ethical and anti-microbial fabric, perfect for underwear! Growing bamboo uses no pesticides, only needs rainwater, and produces 30% more oxygen. This also means that the material is hypo-allergenic which is great for people who suffer with eczema or have sensitive skin, it will keep you feeling amazing!

We are now selling Hara bundles, meaning you can save money on a Hara set rather than buying them individually. You can also now PRE-ORDER our individual Hara items if we don’t currently have your size in stock!

Here, Roberta wears the new Hara leotard with the Nalaan cardigan and the Mairaa jeans in undyed

How does pre-order work?

If you want to order any individual Hara item and we don’t have your size – we will pre-order it in especially for you! This can take up to 6 weeks, but we hope to have it sooner. If you order two separate items from Hara and one is available, and one isn’t then we will ship out the item we have available and send you the remaining item once your pre-ordered item has arrived in store (this can take up to 6 weeks). We know you love our Hara sets and it’s frustrating when your size isn’t available, so we hope that offering this pre-order option is a sustainable way to stock the exact pieces you want! Check out our Hara collection now.

Underwear from Hara comes in lots of bright and beautiful colours. Due to the natural dyes there are slight variations in each piece meaning that your garment is unique. You can buy a staple bra and then mix and match the different colours of pants to create different looks. We. You can alternate between the High Waist Undies and Low Waist Undies depending on your morning mood. Or between the High Cut Bra and Low Cut Bra depending on how much coverage and support you need to get through the day. These styles are sexy and practical, made for all body sizes and shapes.


Our new collection of Hara underwearhas recently hit the store! Featuring a new sports bra, bike shortsandleotard, we know you will love to wear. The new hara collection will lift your everyday basics and leave you feeling incredible, in time for the new spring season! Shop the Hara collection now.


Written by Hannah Judge

Below, Kalkidan wears the Hara set in Olive