Introducing Suite 13 to Sancho’s

Introducing Suite 13 to Sancho’s

Sancho’s is the home of sustainable fashion and ethical lifestyle products. Our Black woman owned business is based in Exeter, UK where we believe in doing better, providing sustainable and affordable clothing options. Through activism and spreading awareness, we are working towards a kinder world. Shop our transparent pricing collection here, our Organic Cotton Bestsellers here and read more about us here

This month we’re super excited to have Suite 13 in store! They’re an amazing sustainable brand and we want to tell you all about them.

As sustainable fashion pioneers in Mallorca, Suite 13 hold strong ecological and social beliefs at their core. Taking influences from the island where they live, Suite 13’s founders, Alexia and Maria, are consciously rebelling against fast fashion which dominates the industry. Since opening in 2014, Suite 13 have strived to make fashion sustainable with sleek lines, bold colours and gorgeous prints.

The brand have two ways of making their beautiful, honest clothes. The first is local. Their unique Suite 13 collection is produced in the Barcelona area, giving priority to original styles and sustainable fabrics. The second way is making sustainable fashion accessible. Suite 13’s Heaven Lab collection is organic wear for everyday comfort. Ethically produced in India and Turkey using GOTS certified organic fibres, this collection keeps it casual without sacrificing style or sustainability. By avoiding following trends, Suite 13 are able to produce timeless and unique styles with respectful fabrics in all of their collections.

Their sustainability is certified too. Suite 13 only work with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified fabrics. This means that not only are the collections bold, playful and comfortable, but they’re also eco-friendly. Take a look at our Certifications Glossary to find out a bit more about how GRS and GOTS certified materials make sure you know exactly what fibres are in your clothes.

Suite 13 are a prime example of the fact that sustainable and ethical fashion doesn’t have to be boring! So head over to our Suite 13 collectionto check them out.


Written by Alice Smith