The New Years Resolutions We’re All Working On

The New Years Resolutions We’re All Working On

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2020 was difficult in so many ways and our hearts go out to everyone affected by the global pandemic. But a new year brings new and renewed hope for a better year ahead! I find the new year a wonderful time to set achievable goals for myself. We all know that “stop drinking, exercise for 2 hours every day and be the most perfect version of yourself” often don’t last very long and are unreasonable new year’s resolutions that leave us feeling deflated and like a failure by the 10thJanuary. So, I’m suggesting choosing small, achievable goals for 2021. Here are some that we should all think about…

Live a zero waste lifestyle

Okay, this is much easier said than done! Zero waste is very difficult in our current society when almost everything we need comes in a packet of some kind! But I think the most important part of trying to live a zero waste lifestyleis considering every purchase for it’s waste, and minimising the waste where you can. If you can buy some fruit and veg without the plastic, then we should try to, but if the supermarket only has tomatoes in a plastic wrapper then don’t beat yourself up for needing tomatoes! The easiest ways to incorporate zero wasteinto your lifestyle is to make buying plastic bottles a thing of the past and buying re-usable bottles and coffee cupsthat are built to last! Once you get used to carrying them everywhere, buying a plastic bottle seems ludicrous. Our fave zero waste products: re-usable bags for loose fruit and veg, re-usble water bottleand this gorgeous take away coffee cup!

Become a more ‘conscious shopper’

This is one of my favourite phrases when talking about leading a more sustainable life, because it incorporates the reality of shopping in a more ethical way. Being a ‘conscious shopper’ means being aware of how every purchase has a knock on effect but being able to way up the pro’s and con’s in a realistic way. Need a new top? Look for a sustainable option, if you can’t afford that or you can’t find one that you like then look second hand, and if that’s not possible then whatever one you buy, vow to wear it at least 30 times and fix it when it breaks. This thought process and approach to purchases will make you a much more ‘conscious shopper’ and stop you from making unethical impulse buys that end up broken and in the bin! Shop our range of tops here, here’s our favouritethat’s perfect for these cooler months, it’s also part of our January sale!

Read more!

There is so much I want to learn and whether you prefer to listen to books or read them, there are now so many options to learn more. We should especially read more from incredible black and non-white writers that have been overlooked throughout history. Kalkidan is currently reading Anti-racist ally by Sophie Williams, get the book here. Other favourites are ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla F Saad, ‘I Am Not Your Baby Mother’ by Candice Brathwaite and ‘Hood Feminism’ by Mikki Kendall.

More self love please

This new year make self-love a priority. You are enough, you are more than enough but our brains are beautiful and complicated and can very often put ourselves down for just being human. Here are a few self-love practices to start this year;


1) Create a list of daily mantras that you repeat to yourself everyday, these could include;

“I am enough, just as I am”

“I trust the path that I am on”

“I am grateful for my incredible, beautiful body”

2) Take a moment each day to light a candle and sit with yourself quietly, without the distraction of your phone, laptop or TV and check in with yourself, how you’re feeling and talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend… “You’re doing amazingly, you are so strong, this too shall pass”

3) Use the word ‘No’ freely and openly when something is not okay with you.


Remember that you cannot pour from an empty jug, you have to put yourself first to then help and look after others.

Happy 2021, thank you for being part of our community!


Written by Olivia Riley