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5 ways you can get involved this Fashion Revolution Week

Sancho’s is the home of sustainable fashion and ethical lifestyle products. Our Black woman owned business is based in Exeter, UK where we believe in doing better, providing sustainable and affordable clothing options. Through activism and spreading awareness, we are working towards a kinder world. Shop our transparent pricing collection here, our Organic Cotton Bestsellers here and read more about us here

  1. Get involved with our events this week to learn more about why sustainable and ethical fashion is the only way forward
  2. Post a photo and ask a brand ‘Who made my clothes?’. Tag them to make sure they know they are being watched and follow the hashtag #whomademyclothes to see who is responding.
  3. Email a brand and ask them ‘what’s in my clothes?’ to ask them about the composition of the fabric and what environmental impact this will have on the earth.
  4. Sign up to our newsletter to get up to date information on what we are doing as a company to stay transparent and run our business ethically
  5. Support ethical brands and share them with your friends and family to make sure you are supporting business who put people above profits.