How to Shop by Your Own Moral Code

How to Shop by Your Own Moral Code

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We are excited to share that we have added a brand new feature to our website! The drop down ‘What’s your ethos?’ tool allows you to filter our website by your personal moral code. Keep reading to find out how this will make conscious shopping online easier for you.

There is pressure for conscious shoppers to think in the same way and hold the same values as equally important. However, different people have different values and hold different things closest to their heart. For example, if you are a vegan then you might want to only shop for vegan certified products, whereas if you are not a vegan you might be more interested in making sure that the clothes you buy are from small businesses or made from organic cotton. It all depends on what you are passionate about within sustainability!

We are encouraging you to decide what your own ethos is and think about your personal moral code. This will help you to find products that you love even more easily, and make your conscious shopping hassle free. By taking away the pressure of having to scroll through pages and pages of items to find exactly what you want.

The benefits of shopping by your own moral code are that you are able to transfer your passions onto your purchases. This means that you make your purchases more sustainable in the long term, as when you find an item that you love you make sure that it lasts forever.

In light of this, we have added a new feature to our website! Our drop down navigation tool makes it easy for you to shop by your ethos. The drop down tool is at the top of our website page alongside categories like Womens and Home. This handy tool allows you to filter all of the items on our website so that you can shop by your ethos. The categories that you can shop by are: vegan, zero waste, black owned, organic cotton, natural beauty, recycled materials, and small production.

We want to make it easy for you to quickly find ethically made pieces that you love. So if you were shopping for a new loungewear set, and your ethos was that it had to be made from organic cotton, our filter would only show you organic cotton pieces. Then you would scroll down and easily find our organic cotton comfort capsule range. Or if you were looking to treat yourself with a new bath and body product, but your moral code was that it had to be from a black owned brand, then you would click on black owned brands and view our fantastic, natural range of Tanaka soaps and Legra deodorants.

We want navigating the Sancho’s website to be easy for you so that you can make sustainable and valuable purchases that align with your moral code. We hope that our new tool gives you the best sustainable online shopping experience that you could possibly have!

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Written by Hannah Judge