Sancho’s top 5 reasons for using period pants

Sancho’s top 5 reasons for using period pants

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Periods can be messy, painful, exhausting and create TONS of non-biodegradable waste that goes to landfill! But they don’t have to be as bad they once were with the incredible invention of re-usable period pants.

Period pants, really? YES!

Re-usable period products are a great way for anyone who has periods to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill and often helps you to save money in the long run. Re-usable period products are products that are specifically designed for you to use every day of your period, month after month. Some of the re-usable period products we stock are menstrual cups, our reusable tampon applicator sets and Period Pants.

Everyone is different and has unique reasons for wanting to use the products that they feel comfortable with, so I encourage you to experiment, whilst always making sure you feel super comfortable with whatever method of re-usable product you choose to use!

Our range of period pants are super popular with lots of our customers for so many reasons, but here I will just tell you the top 5 reasons our customers love our Period pants;

1. They are super comfortable!

Our period pants are made from a genius design that's moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, super-absorbent, and leak-resistant. This means they keep you fresh and dry, and they are ultra-thin for ultimate comfort. Basically, they feel like soft & luxurious underwear but also absorb your flow so you can be your best self – whether that’s making time to be super relaxed watching your favourite film or go about your normal daily routine!

2. Save money

Yes, these super unique pants cost more than your average pair and are an investment at first, but when you calculate how much you might spend yearly on tampons and pads, and multiply that by how many years you have periods for, it adds up to an obscene amount! Our period pants will last for years, especially when you care for them responsibly. We understand that for some people it is not possible to shed out the cost of these upfront and that’s why we have set up our pay it forward campaign and added them to our transparent pricing collection. Find out more about our transparent pricing campaign here.


Price 1 - reflects and covers our cost of sale

Price 2 - Leaves us with the opportunity to re-invest into the business and our development

3. Reduce your waste

More than 12 *billion* pads and tampons are thrown out every year, and the average person with a period uses 11,000 pads, tampons, and panty liners in their lifetime — that’s a lot of landfill! It takes 6 months for a tampon to biodegrade, and pads and applicators can sit in landfills for centuries! So not only does using re-usable methods make sense in terms of comfort and cost but it makes a lot of sense environmentally too!

4. Easy to use & hassle free

Depending on the style, our period pants can hold up to 2 – 4 tampons worth of blood, so it’s important to understand your flow and how you want to use them before you decide on a style. You can use them alongside a menstrual cup or tampon for extra security against leaking, but a lot of people use period pants on their own! Depending on your flow you can wear them all day long with no worries, then when you need to change them you just have to rinse them out under the tap and wash them as you would other underwear.

5. Get rid of period anxiety!

One of the number one worries for people with periods is the fear of leaking with whatever form of period product you use. Customers who use our period pants have found that after using them for a while their anxiety around leaking has been massively reduced! This is because our period pants are built to fit you ‘snugly’ - to hug your bum, making them leak proof and also super flattering!

"Best Purchase. These are so utterly comfortable and really absorbent! Very soft material and love the black colour. I feel incredibly confident wearing them. I also purchased another pair for my lighter days and they are wonderful. Thank you Sancho's!" - Linda, Sancho's customer.


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Not convinced?

Here are a few of the reviews we’ve had on our period pants:


Period pants convert! I was hesitant about trying these but after seeing so many positive comments about them on social media, I decided to give them a try. Wow! I am a total convert! I tentatively tried them on a day I expected to be light but it turned out more like medium. The pants did their job and there were no issues whatsoever. I felt comfy, secure, clean and dry all day. One of the things I was worrying about was rinsing and cleaning them but this was no big deal at all. In fact, it was immensely satisfying as it made me realise what a good job they'd done! Size-wise, I'm a 12 and ordered a Medium which was perfect. I'm now planning to buy enough pairs with different levels of absorbency to cover my whole period so I don't have to use tampons and towels ever again. These would have also been amazing to have after giving birth when there's a lot going on and you just need to be comfy. I am obsessed and singing their praises to anyone who will listen!”


They arrived!! It took a while for me to decide to just go ahead and get two pairs to test, but for once I got the right size from the start. Even better: both the hip hugger and the sport pants turned out to be the perfect fit for me! I will get some extra as soon as I can, even though I managed to go the full week just with the two of them, washing (by hand when no other laundry needed to be washed) every day. Just couldn’t go back to the old way of producing waste. Also: this all makes me extra super happy that I paid one forward. Everyone deserves to not worry so much when on their period.”


“Brilliant! I have owned my Thinx for over a year now and they have been brilliant! I don't have particularly heavy periods and these have been full proof. I can wear them for up to 8 hours and they are really comfortable and the style is very discreet. Following the care instructions they have washed and lasted really well.”


THINX sleep shorts. Absolutely love my new THINX shorts. The inner pants fit really well and are super absorbant. The baggy outer shorts are mega soft and comfortable. I bought this with the intention of wearing in late pregnancy/post-partum, so bought a size up from my current size - the XL is loose but doesn't fall down at my current 14/16 size.
Had these delivered by bike as I just live close enough. Really appreciated the opportunity for that kind of delivery! Thank you Sancho's!”


Thinx Sleep Shorts - comfy, effective and look great! I have been wanting a pair of these for a while but was holding out for a UK stockist. I’m so pleased I found Sancho’s and was able to support an independent retailer whilst buying a brand I have to come to love. The shorts are super comfy and mega absorbent, much more than the pants, as the knicker is concealed in the shorts they can afford to be a bit bulkier to offer more absorbency. I bought these to use throughout my period but they have also been great during the final stages of my pregnancy! I would also definitely wear these as just casual shorts out and about! Excellent product and great customer care from Sancho’s. Looking forward to buying from you again!”


Thinx Sleep Shorts - I LOVE THEM Comfy, effective and an absolute pleasure to wear. They look good enough to answer the door to the postman in, too. I sized up as I'm between sizes and they're a great fit. Big thanks also to Sancho's for the Pay It Forward Thinx scheme. I was very happy to be able to spread the period pants love on to someone else.”


Thinx pants. I was a little bit unsure if I was going to like this product but when they arrived they were so nice I found it hard to get my head round wearing them for my period. It takes a bit of getting used to the idea but - they are amazing. Very comfortable and so far no leaking. Very pleased with them.”


The best These period pants are literally the best thing that has happened to me and my periods! They are so cosy and less hassle then another form of period paraphernalia ! I get to just wear pants like another day, finally.”