Welcome to Stop Hate UK

Welcome to Stop Hate UK

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This week we are giving 10% of sales made to Stop Hate UK

This week has been difficult and heart-breaking but eye-opening at the same time. We find ourselves reading the same thing we have read before with heavy hearts but there is no better time than NOW to act. As part of trying to understand how we can do better, this week we are giving 10% of sales made to Stop Hate UK.


Stop Hate UK is a national organisation working together with local communities and councilsto challenge and raise awareness regarding all forms of discrimination and Hate Crime. The organisation encourages reporting of Hate Crime and incidentsby providing an independent, confidential and accessible 24-hour Helpline. The Helpline is a client-centred service, where reports can be made and possible further action discussed, if required. Reports can be anonymous if preferred, and the service allows people to log incidents without involving the police immediately, creating a record of events for use later if necessary.


Stop Hate UK’s trained and skilled operators are ready to listen and support at any time, day or night. Anyone witnessing or experiencing discriminatory incidents can gain support through the service. BSL and other language interpretation is available, as well as text and online chat, making it a fully accessible and inclusive service


You can find them on social media, such as Twitterand Facebookand on their officialwebsite. You can click hereto find out more about news, links and services in a particular area, including Devon - here in Exeter, we are in one of their commissioned helpline areas. The helpline number is 0800 1381625.


It is important to take a zero-tolerance position against any form of discrimination as this should not be happening. We must educate ourselves, listen, use our voices and contribute, showing solidarity and fighting for social justice to change the broken system we currently live in.


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