Why are your pieces made from organic and natural fabrics?

Why are your pieces made from organic and natural fabrics?

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Organic materials are those that are not genetically modified and have no use of chemical fertiliser, pesticides or other artificial chemicals. Natural fabrics are grown as crops and don’t contain plastic. By using only organic and natural fabrics, you are helping the planet and the people who live in it.


The excessive use of chemicals in conventional cotton and fabric production has led to a huge amount of environmental pollution. This is problematic because a lot of the countries where cotton is produced are countries that often have little access to clean water and have been exploited throughout history. Organic cotton however, emits up to 46% less greenhouse gas than non-organic, making it better for our fragile planet. Not using pesticides also means that natural and organic fibres do not ruin the waterways that farms’ irrigation systems feed into, making the soil much healthier. By doing so, biodiversity can thrive. This also allows farmers to continue cultivating the land for a much greater time frame than with non-organic fabrics. Healthy soils increase the reliability of food and fibre production, helping us in the long run.

Natural fabrics are way better for the environment. Plastic production in fashion is rife due to synthetic fabrics like polyester. This, combined with the fact that Britain produces a huge amount of fashion waste, is a big issue. On average, Britain throws away 350,000 tonnes of clothes every year. By only using natural fabrics, we are working to reduce the vast amount of plastic waste ending up in landfill.


300 million farmers in 80 countries rely on cotton production for their livelihoods. For the last 50 years, the price of cotton has been pushed lower and lower, meaning farmers don’t make much profit. Organic and natural fabric farmers, however, tend to have a much more stable income. This is due to the fact that every year they rotate their crops to keep the soil fertile, something which doesn’t happen with conventional cotton production. Not only does this maintain local economies but it also fosters better mental health for farmers. By buying organic and fair-trade fabrics, farmers can earn enough money for a decent standard of living and break the vicious cycle of poverty that so many rural communities face.

Organic and natural fabrics are better for you too. Without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, there is less risk of it irritating the skin. Also, they feel much softer than non-organic or synthetic materials, giving you much greater comfort in your clothes.

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that using organic and natural fabrics is the better choice. It fosters a better environment for future generations, helps farmers protect their livelihoods and is safer for your skin. Head over to our New Arrivals to check out our newest organic and natural products.