Why should I buy ethically made clothes?

Why should I buy ethically made clothes?

Sancho’s is the home of sustainable fashion and ethical lifestyle products. Our Black woman owned business is based in Exeter, UK where we believe in doing better, providing sustainable and affordable clothing options. Through activism and spreading awareness, we are working towards a kinder world. Shop our transparent pricing collection here, our Organic Cotton Bestsellers here and read more about us here.

Ethical fashion is related to the designing, producing and consuming of clothes. It takes a holistic approach to fashion, meaning that social and environmental impacts are carefully thought about, unlike in fast fashion. When you buy ethically made clothes, you’re voting with your wallet to ensure that the environment, workers and you are treated with respect.

Environmental Impact

Fast fashion accounts for 8%of global CO2 emissions, making it one of the world’s largest polluters, second only to the oil industry. With the IPCC (2007) reporting increasing forest fires, rising sea levels and stronger weather phenomena, climate change is an issue which looms over us all. But by buying ethically and consciously, your actions will help to slow down some of the impacts. Buying ethically means that from the production of the fabric fibres to the final product, your clothes emit less emissions than the traditional pesticide filled fabrics used in fast fashion.

Not only does it help the climate, but it helps our water supplies too. 80% of groundwater in china is unfit for human consumptiondue to chemicals from production processes being dumped into rivers and filtering through soil. Ethical production systems don’t use harmful pesticides or dyes, meaning that less chemicals end up in the water ways and both wildlife and communities will face a better quality of life. It also contributes to a more sustainable water supply for future generations. It is estimated that more than 2.8 billion peoplein 48 countries will face water stress or scarcity by 2025. By ensuring that as little water as possible becomes polluted, ethical fashion will help to stem this scarcity.

Human Rights

Ethical fashion values the people who produce their garments. In 2013, the Rana Plazafactory collapse killed 1,138 people, the majority of whom were garment workers. This disaster brought to light how little respect fast fashion workers get. Minimum wages in the industry are half of what’s considered a living wage, and even then over 50% still aren’t paid minimum wage, keeping many in a vicious cycle of poverty. Ethical & slow fashion gives workers the respect and pay they deserve. Throughout the supply chain, ethical fashion workers are paid living wage and work in safe conditions. Head over to our Brands We Stockpage to find out a bit more about the brilliant ethical practices of each brand stocked here at Sancho’s.


Fast fashion companies design clothes that fall apart or go out of fashion quickly. This keeps you feeling like you need to keep buying clothes to keep up. Greenpeace estimates that 20% of clothesin our wardrobes aren’t even worn once. This creates huge amounts of landfill waste. Slow & ethical fashion, however, makes clothes that are built to last. Ethically produced clothes last season after season, reducing the amount of waste going into our landfills which can take over 200 years to decompose. Not only are they of a higher quality, but they’re designed to be timeless, classic styles which will never go out of fashion. Creating a capsule wardrobe that lasts means you can look fabulous for a lot less money in the long term.

Ethical fashion is beneficial to our world and the people that live in it. At Sancho’s we only stock garments made from ethically certified brands. Head over to our Best Sellers to see some of our gorgeous, guilt-free pieces.