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Our Values

Looking good shouldn’t cost the earth.

Sancho’s create sustainable, stylish collections that stand the test of time.
Our promise to you is that everything we stock is made ethically, by fairly treated garment workers, and we only source organic and sustainable products.
Fairness is at the heart of our business. And if we can make you feel good along the way, that’s even better!




Everything returns to the earth as either food or poison. 

Millions of garments are thrown into landfill every year. Many of these are made of polyester which is a plastic fabric. Every time you wash these polyester clothes, small microfibres go into the water system. This is polluting our oceans.

Sancho’s only stock ethically sourced natural fabrics, from tees and jeans made from Organic Cotton, to silky shirts made from Tencel and base layers made from Bamboo.

This is an exciting time. Everyday more beautiful, natural and sustainable fabrics are being developed, so we are never short of new things to show you.

We take sustainability seriously and want you to know exactly what you are getting in each product. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) assures the standard of organic cotton materials, with Grade 1 materials having over 95% organic fibres. PETA logos are on all of our approved vegan products and the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifies recycled products. Confidence in Textiles approved products have also been screened for harmful chemicals.


Ethical production


We go deeper than just materials. Ethical supply chains are core to our values, so we aim to only stock pieces that have been made fairly.

Along with our own foundation collection, we source our stock from various sustainable companies, both locally and globally. The companies we stock have ethical production at their core and only use manufacturers that are safe and fair. We ensure each manufacturer has been certified by Fair Wear Foundation, who champion better labour conditions and Fairtrade who ensure that marginalised farmers are paid a good wage for their produce.

Our own foundation collection is made by fairly paid machinists in our local Devon area from organic and natural fabrics.


Curated for you


Our products aren’t just sustainable, they look great too.

The collections that we stock are carefully curated by our in-house team, and exclusive collections are designed with our customers in mind, always making sure we reduce waste.

In the fast fashion industry new styles are brought out each week, which creates an insane amount of waste. At Sancho’s our ethos is slow fashion.

We want to help you create a timeless style to wear again and again, full of pieces that are ethically made, from sustainable fabrics and built to last.

We stock brands such as: PeopleTree, a pioneer in sustainable Fairtrade fashion, Thinx, period pants manufacturer championing female empowerment and many more. Our products come from companies who are paving the way for sustainable garment manufacturing.




Buying clothes should make you feel good. Every step of the way we want to show you how we source and curate our collections.

We love to hear from you in our stores, as well as on social media and we aim to answer any question that you may have for us. We also appreciate it when you leave reviews and recommendations. As a small independent business, we rely on our Sancho’s community.  




We work hard to ensure you know what you’re buying.

That’s why our products are certified by leading organisations in the field of sustainability. Our organic cotton pieces are GOTS assured, our vegan products are all PETA-Approved and our recycled products have been certified by GRS, to name just a few. We also make sure that ethical production practices are upheld with certifications from Fair Wear Foundation and Fairtrade. Feel free to click on the links to find out a little bit more.