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Certifications Glossary

How to know when your clothes are ACTUALLY Sustainable, and Ethically made.


One of the ways we can trust that our products are Sustainably and Ethically made is by the use of our suppliers certifications. The certifications are listed within each product description, but here we explain exactly what each one means.


Thank you for your continued support of Sustainable and Ethical business practices.



Fairtrade Foundation work with cotton farmers, who are often marginalised and poor, at the bottom end of a long supply chain. They pay farmers a fair price for their produce and help businesses to find Fairtrade Cotton. Take a look at some of our beautiful Fairtrade trousers here.

Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation are a non-profit organisation who work with their 130 (and growing) member brands to help provide safe, dignified and properly paid employment. They focus on garment production, the most labour-intensive part of the supply chain, ensuring that workers’ rights are being met. Head over to our Stanley and Stella collection to check out some of our Fair Wear certified items.


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certify materials that have been sourced from sustainably managed forests. FSC forests ensure that bio-diversity is preserved, and that there are benefits the lives of local people and workers, whilst sustaining its economic viability. Take a look at some of our FSC certified playful paper gifts here.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world’s leading certification standard for organic textiles, including ecological and social criteria. GOTS Label Grade 1 materials contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres and Label Grade 2 contain a minimum of 70%. They ensure that the production process has little environmental impact, and that workers are treated fairly. Have a look at some of our beautiful organic tops here.


Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is the leading third-party certification of recycled content. The GRS verifies responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production. The standard ensures accurate claims about the content of garments and good working conditions, minimising harmful environmental impacts. Take a look at some of our gorgeous recycled bags here.

OEKO-TEX Standard

Standard 100 OEKO-TEX is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. The standard ensures that each product tested is harmless to human health and is ecologically responsible. Our Loungewear collection has some beautiful OEKO-TEX certified pieces, you can check them out here.


Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a certification that verifies the amount of fibres of organic cotton in the final product. There are two levels: OCS 100 is for products with a minimum of 95% organic fibres, OCS Blended is for products with a mixture of organic and conventional materials. Steps are taken along each step of the production process to ensure that the fibres stay organic. Check out our Thinking MUcollection to get your fix of stunning organic clothes.

PETA-Approved Vegan

PETA-Approved Vegan logos can only be placed on tags, labels and on webpages of products made with all vegan materials. This helps consumers to find animal-free products at a glance and make purchases that align with their values. Many of our products here at Sancho’s are PETA-Approved Vegan, view the latest Womenswear hereand Men’shere.

World Fair Trade Organization

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) are a global community of social enterprises that practice Fair Trade. Their members are businesses who are pioneering models of business that put people and planet first. Head over to our People Treecollection to check out some of our gorgeously chic Fair Trade pieces.